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Bradford White Water Heater Age: Year of Manufacture

Bradford White Water Heater

Use this guide below to find the age of your Bradford White Water Heater. For additional questions, comment below.

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Bradford White Water Heater Label

Bradford White Water Heater Age

The Bradford White water heater age can be determined by examining and decoding the serial number on the label. The serial number will always begin with 2 letters. The first letter represents the year of manufacture, and the second letter represents the month of manufacture.

Use the charts below to decode your serial number.

Year of Manufacture Chart

A1984 or 2004L1994 or 2014
B1985 or 2005M1995 or 2015
C1986 or 2006N1996 or 2016
D1987 or 2007P1997 or 2017
E1988 or 2008S1998 or 2018
F1989 or 2009T1999 or 2019
G1990 or 2010W2000 or 2020
H1991 or 2011X2001 or 2021
J1992 or 2012Y2002 or 2022
K1993 or 2013Z2003 or 2023
Bradford White Year of Manufacture Table Decoder

Special Case: If your serial number starts with the letter “O”, the unit was manufactured in January of 1997.

Month of Manufacture Chart

Bradford White Month of Manufacture Table Decoder

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Finding the age of your water heater is critical so you can understand the approximate life left on your Bradford White water heater. If you have not already, check out our blog on water heater lifespan to find how many more years you could get from your water heater.

If you have additional questions or comments, be sure to comment below!

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