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Painting a metal roof

When searching for a home, choosing one with a metal roof is highly desirable. The durability and aesthetics of a metal roof are in high demand. Making sure that the roof is up to code and as new as possible is key. Knowing how old the metal roof is can be key to making the right purchase. Also, liking the aesthetics is important. Maybe you are looking to change the look of the metal roof? Can you paint a metal roof? Painting a metal roof to change its color is possible. Just wait 6 months so the new roof has time to weather.

Let’s take a look below at the benefits and what is needed to paint a metal roof.

Painting a metal roof with a paint sprayer
Painting a metal roof with a paint sprayer

What Are The Benefits

The number one benefit to painting a metal roof is the longevity of the metal. There are a few benefits to a metal roof and painting the metal roof can help preserve those benefits.

  • Longer lifespan-painting a metal roof makes it protected longer than the original coating. Keep it fresh-looking.
  • Sustainability-a lightly colored paint can reflect heat energy away from the home and provide you with a more sustainable electric bill.
  • Aesthetics-painting a dull metal roof allows the roof to look brand new. Your neighbors can become very jealous of the new curb appeal the newly painted roof brings.

What Tools Do I Need

Gather up the following items that are listed below. You need these items in order to successfully paint your metal roof.

Once you have all of these items you are good to get started. Pressure washing the roof is the absolute start. Making sure there is no dirt or mold/moss/mildew growing on the metal roof is important. You want a clean surface so that the new paint adheres to the older surface.

A variety of painted metal roof panels
A variety of painted metal roof panels

How Much Does It Cost

Painting your metal roof is an expensive project. Just like getting your house painted, your roof needs some touchups as well. In addition, prices can vary based on the roof slope and size of the roof. The more complicated slope and the larger the roof, the higher the price. The national average to paint a metal roof is around $2,300. You are likely looking at $1,150 to $3,630 for painting and pressure washing.

Other Recommended Maintenance

While you are on the topic of roofing, you can take a look at the roof inspection checklist. It is a good idea to do this once a year during the cooler months to see if there are any issues.

It might be difficult to find a home with a metal roof so you may want to look into other ways to spruce up a roof. Let’s say that you purchased a home with a shingled roof. The roof is looking a bit dull. Rather than spending over $10,000 on a new roof, you look into painting the shingles. It’s always a great idea to have a backup plan for painting a roof.

Finally, since you are working on the roof, it is a great idea to inspect the walls of your exterior. It might be time to clean the stucco. Checking for cracks and making sure that painting the roof falls in line with a clean siding is key.

Professional painting a metal roof
Professional painting a metal roof

When Do I Call A Professional

Calling a professional to paint your metal roof is a great idea. This would be considered a great investment. When purchasing a house with a metal roof, you should know how old the metal roof is. This helps determine when you need to re-paint the metal roof. Maybe, you would like to change the color of the metal roof. Hiring a professionally licensed roofer that can paint your metal roof is a great idea.


Anytime that you are interested in completed home upgrades, you should consult professionals. In this case, you are going to reach out to a professionally licensed roofing contractor and your local home inspection team. The home inspection team can inspect your roof and refer you to the most qualified roofing contractor. Call Waypoint Property Inspection to inspect your home in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Orlando, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and surrounding areas.