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Getting Started with Waypoint Energy Audits

This is our first blog post on the Waypoint Property Inspections East website. I think it’s important to note that this website and all the information would not be here without the support of Dominic Maricic, the only hero that I have that’s younger than me. Thanks Dom.

Over this past weekend I hosted an energy auditing class that included seven other students (Six of us will be involved as Waypoint Energy Consultants.) After two days of training and time in the field, all of us are certified to conduct energy audits on homes. We will be building a subsidiary of Waypoint to handle this business, but mainly it is for homes over 10 years old. We will assist clients who want to save on their electric, gas, propane (methane lol…) bills. Why give away money to the utilities when you can save and invest it in cleaner more efficient systems.

A point I learned that is startling is that 70% of electricity is ‘lost’ from when it leaves the plant to when it arrives at our homes BUT we are paying for all 100% if it. There has to be a better way to capture it.

Anyway, look at the website under energy audits (upper right on the header) and read about how you can save.

We will be offering these audits that include specific ways invest and save. Behaviors go a long way too. Prices will average around $300 (there is a cost involved to conduct these inspections/develop the reports); however, for current and future home inspection clients the cost of the audit will be significantly reduced.

More to come as we get into this…