Why is your paint in Florida is so important to maintain?

Many homeowners may not know this or understand, but your paint is your #1 protection from moisture intrusion (besides your roof). Americans from up north are used to understanding that paint is mostly cosmetic, however, that is not the case in Florida. In Florida, paint becomes more of a necessity due to the harsh weather conditions.

Why is your paint so important in Florida?

With Florida being the sunshine state, the paint actually wears faster due to the harsh and humid conditions. Furthermore, with constant heavy rains, your paint is under constant stress. Imagine the paint expanding and contracting with the hot air, followed by heavy rains which allow for moisture to enter those tiny cracks that develop.

The amount of moisture damage can be based on your building structure

A wood framed home is more prone to damage from moisture intrusion. Wood framing can easily rot overtime with constant rain if the cracks are not properly sealed.

On the other hand, block homes can take more time to show damage as the concrete typically absorbs the water and can dry out during dry seasons.

How can you tell if your paint is failing?

The general home inspector recommendation is to rub your hand across parts of the home that are exposed the most sun. This area tends to dry out the faster and turns chalky. By rubbing your hand on the home, you can see if any of the paint has turned onto your hand. Pictured below:

Failing Paint Turning Chalky

If you hand looks like this, it may be time to paint the house!

Painting Your House Recommendations

If you are looking to paint your house, we recommend contacting a few contractors to see if what their reputation and pricing structure is. Furthermore, ask them what type of paint they use. A good paint can be more expensive, but last longer!

We generally recommend using an elastomeric paint as it helps expand and contract during the Florida seasons.

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