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Home Inspectors Near Me: Why Local Inspectors Are The Best

Home Inspectors Near Me

Often times in this day and age of Google, users search for a business “near me”. While you would be willing to drive a little for a nice restaurant, in other industries it’s different. In the world of home inspections, “home inspectors near me” REALLY matters.

Home inspectors rely heavily on knowing the area they operate in to understand what to look out for. For instance, builders have different tradesmen that make different mistakes. Also, building style is much different from region to region. Lastly, environments affect building material lifespans significantly.

Different Tradesmen Make Different Mistakes

When builders construct a new neighborhood, typically the crews are the same. So the same roofers build the same roofs in the entire neighborhood.

Moreover, the materials used for said roofs are the same. So, if an offset ridge vent is being used instead of ridge vents, you can count on those tradesmen to install the offset ridge vent the same way every time (unless a correction is made, of course).

How Does This Affect “Home Inspection Near Me”?

As a home inspector that serves the local area, you continue to gain knowledge about the different neighborhoods being constructed.

Furthermore, a busy, local home inspector, can begin calling out the same items and help the builders improve the quality of their work along the way.

This helps homeowners buy confidently and save themselves from issues down the road. Also, this helps the builders fix their building issues as the neighborhood continues to be built up.

Building Styles Based on Region

While in northern climates homes have basements, southern climates (like Florida) are generally just slab on grade without a freeze line.

There are so many differences in building construction based on region that it is difficult to just inspect a home in the southwest when you are a northeast-based home inspector.

What Does This Have To Do With Home Inspections Near You?

You should choose a home inspection company that has grown in the area. Home inspectors are people too, and their careers move occasionally.

This can lead to many career hurdles and a much needed education update before inspecting professionally again.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case in the home inspection industry. Many home inspectors move locations and immediately open their doors. Now your home is being used as their training.

I personally know a home inspector that has moved from Tennessee to Florida. While the region is generally the same, building construction and lifespans were much much different.

Before coming down to inspect, this inspector rode along with other well-known Florida-local inspectors in order to find the differences in building construction. This would be the correct way to do it.

However, untrained out of area home inspectors can significantly hinder their performance.

How Environments Affect Building Materials

If you read any of our articles on lifespans like this one on HVACs, you understand that Florida beaches greatly affect the lifespan of building materials.

Here’s a perfect example of how local home inspectors can be so important for your inspection:

Two inspectors conduct a home inspection on Florida’s beach. Let’s name one, “Inspector A” and the other “Inspector B”.

Inspector A is a local inspector. He built his business in Florida and has grown near Florida beaches.

Inspector B is an inspector that has recently moved from Central Florida to the beaches. He purchased a retirement home near the beach, and is now conducting inspections as a retiree.

Inspector A inspects the beach house and says the A/C has approximately four years life left even though it’s a newer unit. He states the A/C was on the beachside of the home, left unprotected from salt air, and does not appear to have been washed down by fresh water often.

Furthermore, Inspector A recommends a protective barrier is built on the oceanside of the A/C unit at a safe distance so the unit can breathe, and the A/C is washed down with a hose of fresh water every week.

On the other hand, we have Inspector B.

Inspector B is used to A/Cs lasting 12 years and is not sure what to suggest to the client on how long it is going to last. Inspector B states the A/C unit is newer and you should get just a few years less than 12 years of life because you are near the beach.

See the difference now?

While one inspector understands the area and environment, the other does not. A home inspector near you is much more adept in their craft.

Also, they are able to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide recommendations, such as hosing off your A/C unit every week.

While you drive far to go to your favorite restaurant, you should drive a little bit further into your home inspector research to fully know if the inspector is a “home inspector near me”.

By the way, we are not discounting large inspection companies. We are one! …Kindof. In the best cases, large inspection companies have home inspectors separated by counties. This way, inspectors are actually local!

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