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How a Seller Should Prepare For a Final Walk Thru

Preparing Your Home For Final Walk Thru

If you are selling your home, you will eventually go through the steps of the final walk thru. Now you might be thinking of just cleaning, however there are a few other steps you should take.

Let’s check it out.

What Is A Final Walk Thru?

A Final Walk Thru is when the buyer walks through your home (that you are selling) right before closing. A final walk thru can sometimes be the day before closing, or even just a few hours before closing.

During the final walk thru, the buyer will ensure the property is in the same condition as it was during the inspection and when they put the initial offer in. This is in addition to any repairs made after the home inspection.

As a seller, it is important for you to follow certain steps in order to ensure your home is walk thru ready.

Steps To Prepare For The Final Walk Thru

Feel free to watch this video with Crystal Brady where she explains the steps in more detail.

Fully Vacate The Property Prior

Most final walk thrus are the day before or the day of closing. You need to make sure everything is out of the house.

Do not forget to check: fridge, pantry, every kitchen cabinet & your attic!

Clean Everything

Either hire a professional after you move out or clean it yourself.

At minimum, all floors must be broom swept and general cleanliness and condition need to match how to property looked at the time it went under contract.

Patch and Paint

If you had lots of items that were removed from the walls attempt to patch and paint those areas.

Keys And Turn Over Items

Make a key package to turn over to new buyer.

This should include these  applicable items: house keys, garage door openers, mailbox keys, amenity keys (i.e. pool), gate access (if a physical clicker is used to access gate).

Also, include any relevant documentation pertaining to the house. For example, any transferable warranties or house related documents like info on roof installation etc. If you have a lawn or pool service please leave the info for those services in case buyer wants to assume them going forward.

It is generally recommended to leave all documents and key packages in the house. You will want to remove one key to provide to the new buyer upon closing. That way, they can access the house after closing.


Call a few days ahead to disconnect utilities for the date of the closing. You are required to keep the utilities on through the closing date in your name.

What Happens If Your Home Is Not Prepared For A Final Walk Thru

If your home is not prepared for a final walk thru, you can risk losing the sale of your property.

An example of this might occur if there is a leaking roof, excessive damage, or uncleanliness. However, I am sure many Realtors have experienced picky buyers that were not happy with the final conditions of the home. So, you should do your best to leave it as if it were your future home.

As a seller, you are responsible for keeping the home in the same general condition (besides regular wear) as the day you went under contract. Therefore, if major items are broken, missing, or damaged during the final walk thru that were not there before, you might risk losing your sale.


Preparing for the buyer’s final walk thru is critical. Not only can you make your buyer more satisfied with their purchase, you are keeping up with your portion of the contract you signed.

If you have additional questions be sure to comment below!