How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost & Why You Should Pay More

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Home Inspection Cost and Why You Should Pay More

I cannot stress this enough. Read this entire blog… it’s worth your time, promise. ūüôā . – “In fact, a¬†home inspection¬†saves the¬†average¬†buyer around $14,000 on their¬†home purchase.”

Home Inspection Cost

Home inspection fees are typically due before receiving the home inspection report. In some rare instances a home inspection company can accept payment at closing. But what can you expect to pay for your home?

With anything service related, the price you pay is the service you get. So if you choose to pay for the cheapest inspector, you’ll get the least experienced and the least customer service oriented inspector in town. We all are looking for a deal sometimes, right?

You can purchase a home inspection for sometimes as low as $300 depending on the size of the home. For the average sized home, you can expect to pay $400 (on average). However, that’s JUST THE HOME INSPECTION.

In Florida, there are other inspections that are absolutely necessary for saving money on insurance premiums (the wind mitigation), for simply getting insurance, period (the four-point), and for our pesky insects: termites (the termite inspection).

Additional Costs To A Home Inspection

So knowing you can get a cheap home inspection for $300 or $350, here’s why you need to add on the other inspections in Florida.

The Wind Mitigation

You literally save money here. It’s typically less than $100 with a home inspection and you are pretty much guaranteed to make that money back in insurance credits. If you don’t, tell your inspection company that and they can refund your money for the wind mitigation most of the time.

The Four Point

If your home is older than 30 years, it’s required to get insurance in Florida. Some insurance companies will require the inspection as soon as 10 years old. This is to protect the insurance company and the inspection again is less than $100 with a home inspection.

The Termite (WDO) Inspection

Forgetting that some home loans require a termite inspection, it’s again less than $100. Perhaps the biggest motivator behind this is you are making an investment. What if it has termites? You would have wished you ordered a termite inspection before purchasing the house for full price!

The chances of a home in Florida to have termites is very high. Florida is one of the most saturated states. Read this article about where the most termite damage is. West Palm, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando are right near the top. Feel free to Google it yourself, there are even more species of termites making their way into Florida that are more dangerous to our structures.

Others You May Want to Consider

Radon – is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. There are some pockets of Radon gas in the Tampa Bay Area. …Might be something to research further or think about.

Mold Sampling – Concerned about the air quality in a home? Is your family particularly sensitive to mold? Might be something to look into as well. Typically a home inspector can give their professional opinion as if you should need it or not once they arrive at the home.

Paying More for Your Home Inspection

Okay so you asked your Realtor which companies does he/she recommend and they gave you three names. Now you have three quotes for your home inspection: $250, $450, and $650 (those numbers are random, a bigger home will be much more expensive). Which one do you go with? Who do you ask?

Research the Home Inspection Companies

I cannot stress this enough! Look at their Google Reviews, look at their industry affiliations, ensure they are licensed, check their experience (usually it says from the amount of Google Reviews, on their website, or from the license date), and check if they are insured!

It happens more than you think that inexperienced home inspectors perform inspections and miss costly items! Is it really worth the risk of saving a 200 hundred bucks? This is the biggest investment Americans make, do you really want to leave this to chance?

Why You Should Pay the Most

After listening to your Realtor and doing your own research, which inspection company aligns with their experience and price? Which inspector has the highest experience, highest customer satisfaction, and the highest price to match?

Choose that one!

Here’s Why

Knowing this is a very large investment, a good inspection company will ensure you receive your return on investment for the inspection cost, OR will leave no stone unturned so you know EVERYTHING about that house.

Furthermore, a good inspection company will be there no matter what. You know they will not go out of business. You know they are insured so just in case a human error occurs and they do miss something… you are protected! Not to mention, they have a reputation to uphold. More than likely, they will want to make you happy before you have to go to their insurance company, even if they did not miss anything.

Wrapping it Together

Your home is a large investment. This is the time to do it right. Do your research, be prepared, and take notes. Knowledge is power here and money towards your inspection rarely does not return your investment.

Statistics show you save on average $14,000 after the home inspection. Spend the extra $300 or whatever it is! Make your savings even more!

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Aaron Shishilla is the youngest registered professional inspector in Florida. Coming from a family-owned home inspection company and now the marketing manager at Waypoint.

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