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Everything you need to know about the home inspection

Getting the garage floor epoxied can be a huge investment. The cost to get the coating done is definitely something to be weighed by the homeowner. Epoxy floors do provide a nice shine and can add a certain level of curb appeal to your already spectacular home. Whether you buy a home with an epoxied garage floor or you are intending to have your current home’s garage floor epoxied, it is important to know what’s next. Maintenance on any project is key. How to clean epoxy floor? Chemicals that are acidic should not be used as they break down the epoxy. Look to use more hot water and ammonia.

Let’s take a look below at the do’s and don’ts of the epoxy floor.

How Do I Clean Epoxy Floors

Just like with any other project, you can count on a variety of steps in order to maintain the shine of your epoxy flooring. Keep in mind that not every cleaner should be used on epoxy. Certain household products like vinegar can reduce the shine of the epoxy gloss finish. Let’s review the best practices for epoxy floor care.

Keep it Dirt and Grit Free

Making sure that your epoxy floor surface is free and clear of dirt and grit is vital. This helps to keep it from scratching or damaging the floor’s glossy look. To do this, use a soft brush vacuum head on your shop vacuum and paper towels to remove the dirt and grime that may collect on your epoxy floor. Also, If you are moving pieces of heavy machinery, make sure that take great care to ensure the equipment does not scratch your floor.

Car Chemical Spills

it is important to immediately wipe up any chemical spills from the epoxy floor. Using shop towels that are made for auto shops is key. They are built to soak up antifreeze, oil, and other car-specific chemicals. In addition to any car spills, you should keep an eye on paint and cleaner spills. Regardless of the chemical that has been spilled, it needs to be soaked up very quickly. This will help avoid any massive damage to the epoxy floor.

Do NOT Use Soap

Using soap based cleaners on the epoxy will create a streaky look on the floor and possibly become slicker when wet. You are likely going to need something stronger than soap in order to get any spills up off the floor. It is recommended that you use ammonia or other products such as simple green to help with the scrubbing of a spill off the floor.

Spot Cleaning

Oftentimes you will see an area of the floor that has a small spill or some dirt has been tracked in. Simply spot clean that small area with a shop vac and clean soft bristle mop with warm water. Luckily, the epoxy floor is highly water-resistant and easy to clean liquid spills.

Majorly Soiled Floor

First you will want to sweep the area and carefully vacuum the dirt, sand, or grime. Take any equipment or boxes away from the soiled floor area so that you have a clear working space to clean. Use a hard foam mop with water to hot water and sweep away the built-up dirt. After this is done, take ammonia and hot water mixed (2-3 ounces ammonia per gallon of hot water). You will use this for a final mopping of the epoxy glossy coating.

Stain Removal

Stains like rust will need a light scrubbing with a kitchen sponge or a soft deck brush. Also, you will use warm water and cleaning solutions for those stains as well. Do not use steel wool or a harsh chemical that can be too abrasive to the epoxy and remove the glossy finish. However, in most cases, you can use a product like soft scrub and a moderately abrasive scrubbing pad or brush. Start in a small area of the floor to make sure damage isn’t going to be done. Then work your way around to the main stained areas. Additionally, avoid using any citrus cleaners and vinegar as items that are too acidic can break down the epoxy.

How Much Does It Cost

First off, the cost of an epoxy floor varies based upon materials and labor charges. Most homeowners will spend between $1,320 and $3,080 for a new epoxy floor. If you are just needing a new epoxy coating you can count on $3 to $7 per square foot. In order to clean the epoxy floor, you are simply using ammonia and water and a mop. The cost of getting the flooring cleaned is going to be based on the labor fee for whichever cleaning company you hire.

Other Recommended Maintenance

While you are learning about how to clean your new epoxy floor, this is a great time to also determine how long laminate flooring lasts? Keeping tabs on the longevity of your floors and their maintenance schedules allows you to budget your potential expenses for the replacement of repairs down the road. Additionally, it is always a good idea to budget for potential flooring replacement and repairs costs.

Maybe you have a room in the home that has vinyl flooring and want to cover it with tile. The good news is you can do this! You just need to be aware of tile joints and the height of the floor. If you find it is too much work for you to do, reach out to a professional for help.

Lastly, did you spill paint on the hardwood in one of the bedrooms? The good news is you can get the paint off! It will take a lot of scrubbing and various tools to do this.

Pouring of epoxy floor.

When Do I Call A Professional

Anytime you are looking to buy a home or update your current home, floors are easily the hottest topic to be discussed. Also, some homeowners like their floors a certain way and look. Before you go sinking too much money into your flooring upgrades, go ahead and reach out to your local home inspection team.

The best part about using the home inspection team is their ability to determine if you need more projects done first to ensure the flooring is protected long term and they can help you determine a local return on the investment. Finally, the home inspection team can offer up some reputable referrals to local general contractors that have installed epoxy floors before.


As a homeowner, you never want to make a poor investment. Although installing an epoxy coating on your garage flooring might look amazing, you have to consider your ability to keep it clean and keep it shiny. After so many years, your investment needs to stay on top. Prior to jumping into the project of epoxy floor coatings, consult your local resources.

Ask around at your local hardware store or flooring stores as well as your local realtors to determine if your investment is a good idea. Knowing which products to use and which ones will last the longest is definitely key. Call Waypoint Property Inspection to inspect your home in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Orlando, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and surrounding areas.