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What Are Hurricane Clips For Wind Mitigation?

hurricane clips

Hurricane clips are a type of structural attachment in homes that are an available discount on the Florida Wind Mitigation Inspection. In fact, they are often the most sought after discount on the Wind Mitigation since it provides the most savings!

Classification Of A Clip

There are specifications for clips within the Wind Mitigation Report. The classifications are:

  • They must be a metal connector.
  • Secured to truss/rafter with a minimum of three nails.
  • Attached to the top plate of the wall framing, or embedded in the bond beam, with less than a 1⁄2” gap from the blocking or truss/rafter and blocked no more than 1/5” of the truss/rafter.
  • Free of visible severe corrosion.

Furthermore, in order to receive the clip discount, all connections must be of the minimum clip standards.

Therefore, if one clip only has two nails instead of three, or is too far away from the truss, then technically, you do not qualify for a clip discount.

Clips Can Also Look Like Wraps

Clips can also look like wraps which are metal connectors that wrap over the truss and are nailed down on the other side.

Single Wrap
Backside of a Single Wrap

The important distinction between a wrap and clip, however, are where the nails are placed.

Wraps have at least two nails on the upside and at least one nail on the downside (or backside). Clips on the other hand, just need three nails.

So, if there is a strap (metal connector) that has one nail on the upside, and two nails on the downside, the classification would be a clip, not a wrap.

Wind Mitigation Retrofitting

There are companies that can add nails to your clips to make them wraps or add nails to your metal connectors to make them clips. Read about retrofitting here.


Check out a sample report or read about the entire wind mitigation. You can also view our YouTube video that covers wind mitigations.

If you have further questions, reach out us by commenting below!