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The Importance Of A Pre-Listing Inspection

Realtors, if you are currently working for a seller who is looking to increase their return… Wait, isn’t that everyone? If your seller has been renting out a home for years, is an investor without knowledge of the condition of the home, or if your seller has resided in the home for years consider a pre-listing inspection to increase their return.

Typically, when a home hasn’t been lived in by the seller, the listing will read something to the effect of, “seller will not make guarantees on the condition of the home.” You can see how this may be seen as a red flag to first time home buyers, even though there may be nothing wrong with the property. What if the same listing said, “seller will not make guarantees on the condition of the home. However, an inspection was done and shows no structural or mechanical issues. Report available upon request.” This shows buyers that your client was willing to go above and beyond. If a buyer doesn’t have to worry if the roof will pass for their conventional loan especially if they’ve been looking for quite some time, do you believe they’d be willing to make a higher offer?

In the case where something does come up during the inspection, these items can be used to simply make disclosures or the issues can be fixed. The fact that they were addressed can also be used to negotiate a higher price or better terms for your seller.

Buyers will still want to do their own inspection. However, knowing what will and won’t come back will make it less of a nail-biting experience.

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