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How Long Do Metal Roofs Last in Florida?

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last in Florida

Florida is the ‘Sunshine State’ and surrounded by oceans. While metal roofs are supposed to be long-lasting, this may not always be the case in Florida. Let’s dig into how long metal roofs last in Florida.

Some roofers may suggest metal roofing can last 70+ years, and at the same time, the roofing system could last as little as 25 years. It just depends on the type of metal and the maintenance.

Lifespans Explained

While regular metal roofs (corrugated) last about 40-50 years in Florida, a homeowner can also purchase standing seam metal roofs which are much more expensive.

The standing seam metal roofs protect the hardware that holds the metal together under a “standing seam” that locks together.

So rather having your hardware exposed the environment and holes exposed, the standing seam naturally locks together and hides the hardware.

Therefore, the standing seam roofing system can outlast regular metal roofing.

Maintenance on Metal Roofs to Extend Lifespan

As mentioned previously corrugated metal roofs require more maintenance. Let’s first talk about what both roofing systems require for maintenance:

Both Roofing System Maintenance

Both types of metal roofs will need to be kept clean. Just like shingles and tiles, the collection of vegetation and debris will hold water onto your roof. Metal will quickly rust if debris is kept on top of the roof.

Next, both types of roofs will need to be painted about every 20 years. The paint, specific for metal roofs, will help extend the life and protect the metal from rust and damage from the sun.

Corrugated Roofing Maintenance

As mentioned previously, corrugated roofing systems have their hard exposed. While the metal screws are galvanized (they do not rust) and have a rubber washer to protect from moisture intrusion at the screw hole, the hardware will need to be maintained.

How to Maintain Metal Screw Hardware

The screws become loose over time. Also, the rubber washers dry out from sunlight over time.

So, every few years someone should replace rubber washers, tighten screws, or replace screws (if they are missing or damaged).

Replacing the hardware with corrugated metal roofing systems is critical to extend the life.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Maintenance

Standing seam metal roofs actually do not need much more maintenance than the cleaning and painting.

How to Get the Most Life Out of Your Metal Roof

To get the most amount of time and return from your metal roof you should definitely keep up with the roofs maintenance. Any rust should be immediately cleaned and the area repaired.

You know how I mentioned earlier your metal roof could last 40-50 years in Florida? Well, if you are near or on the beach, your metal roof could last only 10 years depending on weathering conditions.

Metal Roofs Near Beaches

To get more time out of your metal roof, if you live on the beach, you should periodically pressure wash your metal roof to remove the salt from the surface.

Salty ocean air sticks to metal roofs and quickly rust the metal.

Overview of Metal Roofs Lifespan in Florida

Your metal roof could last 40-50 years, sometimes longer. However, it depends on location and maintenance.

A metal roof on the beach with no maintenance could last only 15 years. On the other hand, an inland metal roof with maintenance could last 60 years or longer.

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