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What Is a Mobile Home Tie Down Inspection?

By August 21, 2020June 10th, 2021Home Inspection, Hurricanes
mobile home tie down inspection and certification for tampa florida

In Florida, especially in Tampa, there are many mobile homes. Mobile homes are particularly susceptible to wind from our Florida hurricanes.

So, Florida law and HUD requires mobile home tie downs to help secure mobile homes. Furthermore, FHA and VA loans require buyers to have a mobile home tie down inspection.

What Is a Mobile Home Tie Down?

A mobile home tie down is a metal strap that comes from the footings of the structure and wraps into the structure of the mobile home.

This prevents uplift of the mobile home during a high wind event.

It is quite common for these tie downs to become damaged and corroded overtime. Moreover, they could also be improperly installed.

This is why FHA and VA mortgage loans require inspections on mobile home tie downs.

Mobile Home Tie Down Strap
Mobile Home Tie Down Strap

What Is the Inspector Looking For?

An inspector on a mobile home tie down inspection will look for and report on the following:

  • Climate Conditions
  • Soil Conditions
  • Elevation
  • Home Information (Year, Type, HUD Label, Etc)
  • Foundation Type
  • Piers
  • Wheels
  • Tongues
  • Grading
  • Skirting
  • Anchor Method & Spacing
  • Corrosion
  • Reporting of any damage
  • Following Regulations of Installations – Certain size mobile homes require different regulations of tie downs

Inspectors may take pictures of some or all items stated above.

Why Are These Inspections Required?

Since hurricane Andrew, policies on mobile home tie downs have become much more strict to prohibit future damage.

Mobile Tie Down Inspections are in accordance with:

Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing; September, 1996.

If you have further questions on the specific requirements of the mobile home tie-downs, you can visit

Sample Reports

Click here to view a sample mobile home tie down inspection.

Mobile Home Tie Down Inspection Sample Report

Download the sample report below.

Important Note: Mobile Tie Down Inspections are also named: HUD Engineering Certifications.

Thank you to Honor Services for providing and allowing us to use their sample reports. You can view more information about engineering certifications in other states here.

Summing Up

If you need a mobile home tie down inspection in Tampa Bay, Florida we can help!

If you questions about the inspection be sure to comment below!

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