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What All New Agents Should Do To Get More Business

By September 18, 2020Podcast
What all new agents should do to get more business

Being a new real estate agent is tough. You need to build your referral network, be full-time as an agent, and somehow try to afford your regular bills.

Luckily, Realtor Sherm, Sherman Milton III, is here to discuss his new agent journey and how he was able to build his referral network.

From being in MASSIVE credit card debt, to now taking vacations and owning two successful businesses, Realtor Sherm can help.

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What All Agents Should Do To Get More Business

The Backstory of Sherman Milton III.

Realtor Sherm started out in the corporate world after college and he honestly did not enjoy himself.

After his short career, he decided to move back home (Date City, Florida) and became a real estate agent.

Sherman hustled for months during this time and did not sell any real estate until 6 months in. He worked many side jobs to make ends meet, spent business expenses on his credit cards that he could not pay off, but finally, something struck.

Sherman landed his first listing which ended up selling. Thereafter, Sherman sold 4 more units that SAME month and continued his success in real estate.

So, how did he do it? And can you do it too?

New Agent? Here’s What You Should Do

Realtor Sherm focused heavily into social media, specifically Instagram.

He advises new agents should do the following:

Go To The Office Every Day

This is critical to ensure you are staying on task and being productive. Even if you are not directly working on real estate, you will end up being in the environment that might lead to new opportunities.

Visit Every Listing In Your Area

Sherman visited every new listing by himself. Then, he showed the listing off to his social media followers.

By showing your following that you are working everyday, you give the perception you are busy.

Moreover, if any person was to question you about homes in your area, you should be well equipped to answer their questions.

Seek Out Mentors

Now this piece of advice is honestly repeated in every faucet of life, but it’s because it is true.

Finding a mentor that has gone through the same journey you are going on will help you skip over their past failures.

To find mentors, just ask, it’s that simple.

Sherman invites all new agents to slide in his DM’s and encourages new agents to message other experienced agents to ask for help when you need it.

advice for new agents
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Attend Realtor Association Classes & Events

You literally pay this in your dues and it is education you are missing out on.

Realtor Associations are there to educate you, help build your career, and even have leadership positions open.

Furthermore, you may lose out on opportunities to network with possible mentors if you skip.

Save Money Before You Jump In

Now it is not always possible, but if possible, you should save 6-8 months worth of expenses.

You may also want to consider other expenses that will become due like marketing fees, association dues, and driving costs.

Summing It All Up

Realtor Sherm did not start out with everything together.

Use this advice to ensure a smooth transition from new agent to a successful Realtor.

Thank you Sherman for joining us on Waypoint Real Talk! If you an agent with unique insight to share, reach out to us!

Be sure to drop a comment below if you have any questions!