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You might have noticed a new logo on places like our social media and our website. Due to company expansion, we decided it needed a refresh.

This post covers our past logos, their meaning, and why we chose a redesign this year. Hope you like it! 🙂

Waypoint’s First Logo

When Bob started Waypoint Property Inspection in 2005, the name and the logo weren’t random choices; they had meaning behind them.

Defined by National Geographic, “A waypoint is a reference point that helps us know where we are and where we’re going. Whether we’re driving, sailing, or flying, waypoints help us find our way.” The home inspection is one step of many on the journey to homeownership, and clients look to us for guidance on what they should do next. As one of our taglines went, “we point you in the right direction.” This is further embodied by the compass rose.

Waypoint’s Second Edition Logo

When Eddy joined in 2013 and Waypoint became a multi-inspector firm, he and Bob felt it was time to refresh. The new logo incorporated a house and magnifying glass, which are clear indicators of home inspection. The compass rose was incorporated in the magnifying glass, bringing a touch over from the previous logo design.

Today’s Redesigned Logo

Now, as we continue to grow our team and expand into new services, we feel it’s time to level up our look again. Waypoint’s new logo incorporates a more modern style and typeface. While it carries over the magnifying glass from the previous logo design, the house has been simplified to the front of the image with tall buildings in the background. This conveys that we are not just a home inspection company but a property inspection company that offers many residential and commercial services.

We hope you are just as excited as we are to unveil Waypoint’s new logo to the world. Even though the logo has changed, our role in helping clients find their way has not.