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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding? And Should You?

Can you paint vinyl siding

So can you paint vinyl siding? In the past, homeowners could not since vinyl siding expanded and contracted too much in comparison to paint. But, due to advances in paint technology, exterior paint can now expand and contract with the siding meaning you can paint vinyl siding.

There still is a lot to consider that many homeowners do not think about when painting their vinyl siding however.

While painting vinyl siding is the cheapest option to renew your siding, should you actually paint it?

Let’s go over some pros and cons to painting vinyl siding, some things to consider, and finally end with steps to take before you paint.

Why You Should Paint Vinyl Siding

If you are considering painting your vinyl siding, these pros may give you the push you need to pull the plug. But I encourage you to read the entire way through to find out other items to consider.

Pros To Painting

It’s Cheaper

Probably the biggest reason: cost effectiveness. More specifically the average cost to paint vinyl siding is about $1,700 – $4,000. Source. On the other hand, the cost to replace vinyl siding on average is $4,000 – $15,000. Source. While the cost to replace vinyl siding can be drastic, lower rates can be achieved by removing the old vinyl siding yourself and purchasing cheaper vinyl siding replacements.

You Can Do It Yourself

Most homeowners can pressure wash their siding, slap on a primer if needed, and get to rolling on paint. Not all homeowners know the technical aspects of installing vinyl siding nor have the equipment to do it.

It Looks Good

There is no doubt a good coat of paint will go a long way for old, worn vinyl siding.

Increases Home Value

Not only will appraisers give you a few points for having fresh paint, but buyers will love the fresh coat which can help you sell your home faster. We recommend painting your home anyway when you try to sell.

Protects Your Home

Paint protects the siding from further ware from the sun. Additionally, painting can help prohibit water intrusion into your home.

Vinyl Siding Lasts Long

It is expected that vinyl siding can last 60 years and even longer if properly maintained. Keep in mind, your climate conditions though as hotter and humid climates may need sooner replacement.

Painting and Pressure washing your vinyl siding
Vinyl Siding Can Build With Mildew If Not Cleaned.

Why You Should Not Paint Vinyl Siding

While painting your vinyl siding has many benefits, you should also consider holding off on the paint brush for a variety of reasons.

Cons To Painting

That’s Money You Are Not Saving For New Siding

While paint can help extend the life of your vinyl siding, it is not a total fix. Vinyl siding that is broken, warped, or too damaged will need to be replaced. Furthermore, if you spend the money to paint, at some point in the future you are going to have to replace your siding anyway.

Also, you may want to consider different types of siding materials that you might find more beneficial such as, insulated siding, cement board, and much more.

Voiding Warranties

You could be voiding warranties by painting over vinyl siding so be sure you check with manufacturer or previous installer.

Mistakes When Painting

Many people are more inclined to paint their vinyl siding rather than replace because they can do it themselves. But, this may lead you to a path of making a situation worse.

A few example of this would be:

  • Choosing the wrong type of paint, the paint could end up falling off shortly after application.
  • Improper priming of the siding, you may have to repaint.
  • If you do not clean fully, you will see dirt through the new paint and paint may fall off.
  • Using the pressure washer too hard could damage siding.
  • If you do a bad job of painting in general, you could make the house look worse. (I’ve seen this many times).
alternatives to painting vinyl siding

Things To Consider Before Painting Vinyl Siding

After reading the above and you are still wanting to paint your vinyl siding then you should consider the following.

Which Type of Paint Should You Use?

As mentioned previously, you need to choose a paint that expands and contracts with the home.

This would be a latex urethane exterior paint. Most paints will say safe for vinyl siding or you could choose from Sherwin-Williams Vinyl Safe paint.

Pressure Washing & Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

Be careful pressure washing your vinyl siding as this could damage it if you are too close. Moreover, you can use this universally accepted water mixture below with a brush to scrub away dirt.

  • 1 Gallon Water
  • 1/4 Gallon Bleach
  • 1/3 Cup Laundry Detergent
  • 2/3 Cup Powdered Household Cleaner

What Color Should You Choose?

Be careful of darker colors as darker colors will absorb more heat and could warp your siding if it can withstand that amount of heat. If you choose a Sherwin-Williams paint from here, you should be safe.

How To Paint Your Vinyl Siding

If you are ready to paint, here are the steps involved.

1. Prep

Prep the siding by ensuring vegetation is away from the home.

Then, use your pressure washer and the mixture noted above to clean with a brush.

NOTE: You may want to consider only using a brush as to prevent damaging the siding. Pressure washing vinyl can damage the siding if you are not careful.

2. Painting

Choose a Good Day

When preparing to paint, be sure you are choosing a day with good weather and no rain. You may also want to choose a particularly dry season so they paint has time to dry.

2.1: Tape Around Openings and Areas You Do Not Want To Paint

First, prep the area by taping around openings and areas you do not want to paint over so you have nice clean edges.

2.2: Use a Brush On Trim and Smaller Areas

Next, just like you would with inside your home, use a brush to work around the smaller areas and the trim.

2.3: End With a Roller

Finally, end with a roller and apply two coats to ensure an even layer.


Painting vinyl siding has great benefits and can be a much lower cost option that replacing the siding entirely.

However, homeowners should keep in mind how old their siding already is, as older vinyl siding may have to replaced rather than just painted.

Waypoint Property Inspection will report on damaged vinyl siding that needs to be painted or replaced during a home inspection.

If you have further questions, be sure to comment below!