How to Prepare Your Home for an Inspection

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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Sellers may often think, is there anything I need to do to prepare for a home inspection? The answer, heck yes!

A home inspection should be treated as is your home is being showed prior to receiving an offer on your home. The house should be clean, tidy, and easy for the inspectors to access the critical components of your home.

Also, you can use these tactics so the inspection report is cleaner making your buyer happier! Keep in mind, however, home inspectors will always find things wrong, so do not be surprised!

Let’s Get Into The Ways You Can Prepare for a Home Inspection

Tidy Up & Move Items Out of Garage & Attics

Not only will a home inspector will be much more thankful and in an overall better mood when they inspect your home, this will help you too!

By removing items from garage space, attic space, or cluttered in closets, you allow your rooms to breathe. Allowing air to flow helps humidity control which can stop mildew growth in closets and garages. These areas are often called out on inspections.

Also, there may be stains or water intrusion you find that were not once there. You would be surprised of all the things you find once you actually declutter your home! For instance, going into the attic to declutter and finding a roof leak. Another example, decluttering a bedroom and finding a little water stain below a bedroom window that appears to be water intrusion.

So just clean, move items to storage, have a garage sale, whatever you have to, DO IT!

Pull weeds, trim vegetation, and redo the mulch

Want a little home inspector secret? Home inspectors use outside signals to find evidence of water intrusion on the inside of homes!

It is important you pull weeds, trim vegetation, and redo outside landscaping altogether in order to control moisture, bugs, and make your buyer happy. Here’s why:

Vegetation that is within 4-6 inches of the home will be written up. All of those weeds, mulch, and bushes hold moisture and give bugs an easy highway into your home.

Furthermore, you should also be thinking about the tree branches over your roofing material or even touching your roofing material! Vegetation that comes into contact with your roof will quickly damage your shingles.

ProTip: Use rock instead of mulch near the home to stop water and bugs from entering the home.

Fix As Much As You Can

Although you are moving and this seems counterproductive, it actually helps. Statistics show home inspections save buyers tons of money on the final deal of the home, so do not give your buyer a leg up and fix everything you can!

Here are a couple ideas:

  • Add new paint
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Fix small plumbing leaks
  • Call a roofer to do some maintenance
  • Call a pool guy to clean the pool

Concluding on Preparing for Home Inspection

If you follow the above, you will greatly increase the value of your home after the home inspection.

If you are still looking for more information you can visit our post that has a PDF checklist at the end of what to do!

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