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Qualities of Top Producing Real Estate Agents

By August 7, 2020September 11th, 2020Podcast
qualities of top producing agents

Don Hill, from Real Producers Magazine in Tampa, FL joined us today to talk about the common qualities he sees in top producing real estate agents.

Listen to the full podcast:


Who Is Don Hill?

Don Hill is the franchise owner of Real Producers Magazine in Tampa Bay, FL. Real Producers Magazine’s purpose is to interview and highlight the top 500 real estate agents in a given region and host events for the community.

As the franchise owner, Don Hill gets to interview the highest performing agents in Tampa, FL and he mentions that they share common qualities.

If you are interested in becoming a better real estate agent, here are the common qualities of the top producing real estate agents in Tampa, FL.

Qualities of Top Producing Agents


Having a mentor is critical in the beginning of your real estate career if you are wanting to grow fast. This could be your broker or a friend you met in real estate.

The goal of your mentor is to help you find answers to questions you may not already know the answer to yet. This can help save you time and money investing in your marketing strategies or save you from headaches.

Servant Leadership Mindset

According to Don, top producing agents truly care about their clients and the people they work with. While these agents may be focused on the numbers, it is more important to help others achieve what they want to achieve.

Servant leadership can help you manage your team, a brokerage, and help you deliver better service to your clients.

While traditional leadership might be viewed as more directing, servant leadership is truly based on serving others.

Being Consistent In The Message & Branding

Thirdly, top producing agents have a consistent brand and message in their marketing.

To illustrate, you might have some unique selling points that make you different from the rest of the real estate agents. Using those unique points in your branding and messages consistently is the key to gaining traction with your audience.

Don uses the example of real estate agents that might be always comical on their social medias. On the other hand, some agents might be focused on selling larger homes, having great reviews, or selling their homes faster than anyone else.


True confidence and a conviction that your services are needed is the last quality of top producing agents.

These agents believe that their services are different from other real estate agents. Moreover, they believe their services are needed for their clients.


So there you have the common qualities of top producing agents. I highly encourage you to watch the video above if you have not. In the video, Don and I go into greater detail about top producing agents and what Real Producers can do.

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