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Is a Radon Test Required to Sell Your Home?

Is a Radon Test Required to Sell Your Home?

Recap: What is Radon?

“Radon gas is a Class A Carcinogen that is undetectable by taste, smell, sight, and touch. There is practically no way for a person to know if Radon is present without completing a Radon test.

Radon comes from the soil by breakdown of radium. Through time, radon seeps into homes through the foundation and builds up. While in nature, Radon can move so you are not breathing in concentrations. In a home however, built of Radon levels can easily cause a person to become sick.”

Read our overview of Radon or learn about the remediation process.

Radon Gas causes 21,000 deaths per year.

So, this begs the question… is Radon Testing required to sell your home?

While the short answer is no. There are actually many reasons you should have a radon test completed before you do sell! (PS: Some local authorities may require radon testing where there are high concentrations)

Why You Should Test Before You Sell

Testing for Radon before you sell your home alleviates stress not only for the you, but the buyer!

When completing a real estate transaction, you want to ensure the buyer is completely confident in their purchase. Not to mention, they may or may not have purchased a home before. Completing the test for them can help ease their stress.

Furthermore, how good will you look as a seller when you are actively going out of your way to help the buyer! Giving the buyer reasons to trust you can actually help you sell the house for more.

Have you ever made a purchase from someone you do not trust? How did that go?

Has your home had High Levels of Radon Gas Before?

If your home has been tested for Radon before and high levels were discovered, you definitely do need to test again. (or someone should).

Assuming that your home has been remediated, it is always good practice to ensure the repairs are still working as they should. Not to mention, if your home has had high levels of Radon, you are required to disclose that information during a real estate transaction.

More on Radon

We have a lot more information on Radon available to you. So check our our blog!

These are the Radon monitors most home inspectors use.

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