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How Community Events Creates Realtor Success

By July 17, 2020Podcast
How Community Events Create Realtor Success

Thank you Justin Alvarez for joining us on Waypoint Real Talk to discuss how he has had success with community events!

Check out the full podcast interview below!


Justin Alvarez with Alvarez and Affiliates has put on a Cars & Coffee Event every month for a little over a year.

The Cars & Coffee Community Event has driven a lot of referrals for Justin in his Real Estate Business.

In this podcast, we talk about why Justin is involved with community events, how they work, and how you can start your own community event as well!

How To Start Your Own Community Event

Justin claims in the video that to have success with community events, you first need to create an idea that you will actually enjoy.

The grind of starting your first event may be difficult and it may take a year before you see results from the event to your bank account. However, if you enjoy the process, it will be that much easier to stick with promoting the event.

What Should You Do At The Community Events

Justin’s recommendation is to use the time to talk about the cause. If you are doing something for charity, you should use that time to talk about the charity with others in attendance.

Moreover, use the time at the event to connect with others on a friend level to build relationships. As time progresses, you can build more relationships and create more referrals.

A Word of Caution

What would happen if you treated these events like a numbers game? Meaning, just for the purpose of getting more business and connecting with more people.

Justin suggests that those in it for the numbers and not enjoying the process of building meaningful relationships end up getting burnt out. Also, they do not end up enjoying the process of having the event.

Sticking With It & Concluding

Justin Alvarez is involved with multiple community events, but his Cars & Coffee Event is his pride and joy.

Be sure to get involved with things you are passionate about, ask for sponsors, and do it to build friendships.

If you any questions, you can comment below! Also, visit his Facebook Page to attend the Cars & Coffee Event here!

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