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Reinspection tips before closing

A Reinspection and final walkthroughs are completely necessary to ensure the home condition is the same as or better than the condition when you originally viewed the home.

While reinspections are inspections of “fixed” items from the home inspection report, a final walkthrough is typically the day before closing and with your agent.

So in this blog, we are going to covering tips to reinspections and why/when you need one.

Tips to the Reinspection

As soon as you receive the home inspection report, you should be speaking with your Real Estate Agent about items that concern you. If there are any items you want fixed on the report, you may ask the seller to fix them.

Asking the seller to fix items on the home inspection report is helpful before you close on the home, however, it can introduce new complications you should be aware about.

You may also choose for you to fix them yourself once you move into the home, which is completely acceptable as well.

When Should You Request a Reinspection

You should always request a reinspection when a repair item is something you are not comfortable yourself inspecting.

For example, if it is of the roof, electrical, plumbing, or A/C, it might be a good idea to call a professional to ensure the repair is done properly.

Furthermore, you might also request a reinspection simply for piece of mind. Although we want to believe everyone is trust worthy during a real estate transaction, sometimes, you need to double check the work of contractors and sellers.

New complications


Reinspection items should be submitted to the seller as soon as possible! The faster you hand them to the seller, the faster they can give a move on with getting them fixed. The last thing you need is further delay in your contract, which makes everyone more stressed. So, act fast here!

A quality repair

Next, once the seller received the items, your Real Estate Agent, can help you be very clear as to what needs to be completed, by who, and when. Ensuring that the items will be fixed as soon as possible, by a licensed and reputable contractor helps get the work right done the first time.

The Reinspection

Lastly, once you submit the documents for the seller to fix the items, make the home inspector aware. This is so they can tentatively put you on their schedule! Nothing would be worse than the inspection unable to perform the inspection because they were notified late.


After the reinspection is completed, ensure that all work is completed properly with your inspector. Furthermore, ask the seller for all the documents on permitting, contractor information, and invoices.

Pro Tip: It happens often that items are not fixed properly by the time the inspector arrives and another reinspection has to happen. Keep this in mind with your contract dates.

A Quick Note on Insurance

More likely than not, you will need a reinspection for insurance purposes. Especially in Florida, a four point inspection will require items to be fixed before you can get insured on the home.

Therefore, a failing four point would require you to get a reinspection so the report can be updated. Read more about four points.

You can read more about why reinspections are necessary on Structure Tech’s website.

Also, if you are considering a reinspection, you may also familiarize yourself on the mortgage process leading up to a home inspection.

Have more questions on reinspections? Comment below.