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How Long Does a Roof Last? Florida Shingle Roof Lifespan

Shingle Roof Lifespan in Florida

How long will your roof last in Florida? (Asphalt Shingle)

Today, we will take a deep dive into two main types of roofing material to find out life expectancy and roof lifespan. Those two types of roofing materials are: the three-tab asphalt shingle roof and the architectural/dimensional asphalt shingle.

Three-Tab Shingles Lifespan


The three-tab shingle is a flat shingle that is typically the cheapest kind of shingle. Compared to the dimensional shingle, this shingle lays flat and has one layer and comes in a bundle of 3! …Hence, the three-tab name.

Three-Tab Asphalt Shingle Life Expectancy
The picture above is of an older three tab shingle.

Roof Lifespan

The shingles manufacturer states a three tab shingle can last up to 20 years. However, in Florida, this is not the case. Depending on your location in Florida, the humidity, sun exposure, and wind/storms can have a huge impact on life expectancy.

For instance, a house on the east coast beach of Florida may only last 10 years. On the other hand, a house in the northern end of Florida may last up to 17 years when it is properly inspected/repaired/maintained.

You can expect the three-tab shingle to last 15 years for the average Florida home.

Architectural/Dimensional Asphalt Shingle


The architectural shingle or dimensional shingle is a thicker shingle that has two layers. This gives the roof covering a 3D look and makes the roof last longer for several reasons. Having a heavier and thicker shingle allows for sustainability in higher wind speeds. Moreover, the thicker the shingle the more material between the rain and the inside of your house!

Architectural/Dimensional Asphalt Shingle Lifespan
The picture above is of a newer architectural/dimensional shingle

Roof Lifespan

The shingle above allows for a longer life. Manufacturers suggest this roof can last up to 20, 25, sometimes 30 years! (all depends on the quality of shingle you purchase) However, again in Florida, this is not the case.

Florida climate as noted above can take a heavy toll on this shingles. The UV rays can quickly dry out asphalt causing the shingle to crack and expose the fiberglass. That said, you can expect an average architectural shingle roof in Florida to last around 20 years.

Tips for a Longer Roof Life

  • Have your roof inspected/repaired every 3-5 years.
  • Inspect / Repair your roof before and after a hurricane.
  • Ensure your repairs are by a qualified and licensed roofer.

Too many times do homeowners let their roofs go without maintenance. This causes further damage to the structure. Furthermore, a unprofessional repair will lead to further damage as the repairs typically do not last or cause more issues.

As home inspectors, we see a lot of repairs and a lot of new roofs. It is in your best interest and your bank’s best interest to keep it inspected and maintained properly.

More Notes on Florida Roofs

Roof Certification Inspections

Some insurance companies will require a roof certification inspection in order to ensure the roof life is at least 3 years remaining. If the roof life is less than 3 years, you may be required to replace the roof.

Four Point Inspections

In the roof portion of a four-point, some insurance companies will not accept roofs that have evidence of unprofessional repairs, any damage, any leaks. Also, roofs that have a life expectancy of less that 3-5 years left.

Final Thoughts

Florida roof lifespan has been highly debated recently in the home insurance world. John Shishilla joined Waypoint Real Talk to discuss how a proposed Florida Senate Bill may change how homeowners get a new roof. Moreover, another podcast with Michelle Mosher discusses how insurance companies want to see at least 5 years of life left on roofs before it is time to replace.

Waypoint Property Inspection will always keep you informed about changing environments with Florida roofs. If you need a roof inspection in Tampa Bay or a full home inspection, we can help.

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