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Problems With Solar Panels On Roofs

solar panel problems on roofs

Solar panels on roofs, whether they are for your pool or for your home, can cause many problems. While they sound nice, let’s look at the disadvantages and issues that may arise when you have solar panels on your roof.

Problems With Pool Solar – Leaking Water On Roof

There is one issue specific to your pool solar system compared to all solar systems. And that is, your solar panels can leak water onto your roof.

When It Can Happen

This can easily happen over time since the small rubber tubes dry out and crack. Also, this can easily happen during the installation process or when people are on the roof.

During the installation process, someone can easily hit a small rubber tube which causes a costly leak. Moreover, if someone were to accidentally step on the tubes, this can again cause a leak.

Detection of Leaks

It is quite common for these leaks to go undetected causing higher prices in your water bill. For this reason, you should inspect your solar panels yearly.

Damage To The Roof

While water is leaking onto your roof and draining down, your roof gets more worn in these areas. This means you are more likely to get leaks in these areas faster than other areas of your roof.

Final Thoughts on Problems With Pool Solar

You should continuously inspect pool solar panels so you can stop leaks early. Also, you should consider the extra cost on water and wear on your roof from possible leaks.

Issues With All Solar Panels

Now above was just specific to pool solar systems, but what about all solar systems including pool solar?

Solar Panels = More Penetrations = More Roof Leaks

This one is often overlooked. While most solar companies may claim they leave their installation leak free, leaks will develop over time.

As a purchaser, you will need to understand your roof will need more maintenance and more repairs over time because you have more roof penetrations.

Honestly, as a home inspector, almost every solar panel I have inspected that is 5+ years old, has developed leaks.

Removing & Re-Installing Panels During Reroofs

Again, another common problem with solar panels that is often overlooked. If you have solar panels installed and say your roof has 10 years of life left, you will have to pay extra to have the solar panels removed and reinstalled.

If you do order solar panels for your roof, be sure to do it after a new roof is installed. (However, it may void your roofing warranty). If not, understand the costs involved for removing them and reinstalling the panels.

Annual Maintenance & Inspections

Solar panels are not installed once and then forgotten about. Most manufacturers will recommend yearly inspections. Also, it may be wise to have yearly inspections on your roof.

Having maintenance and inspections on your solar system will enable you to gain more life from the solar panels, and from your roof.

You should think about the budget adjustments you may need if you have to have maintenance and inspections every year.

Not to Mention Technical Issues

There are many technical issues with solar panels that could happen. Some may be more expensive than others.

You should consider warranties that are available, and future costs on replacement parts you may need.

Concluding Thoughts

While solar panels on roofs can be more efficient when you do not have enough land, they can cause many unforeseeable problems.

Being fully aware of all all the pros and cons of solar panels can help you make an educated decision. More importantly, you may be better understanding of the actual cost savings of solar panels once you factor in the problems with solar panels.

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