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Maintenance Inspection South Florida

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Do You Have the Tools to Keep Your Family Healthy, Safe, and Secure in Your Home?

Your home is the most important and the most expensive investment you are ever going to make. It should provide the best protection and security for you and your family. You should take care of your home the same way you care for your other investments like cars and boats. Waypoint Property Inspection would like to help you take care of your most valuable investment.

What is a Home Maintenance Inspection?

A Home Maintenance Inspection does not prevent further damage to your property, but it can help you to identify and correct existing damage that you may not know about.

Our Home Maintenance Inspections are not an appraisal inspection and cannot help you to determine the value of your property (but it can help you maintain its value). A Home Maintenance Inspection is not a code inspection and does not provide you with a pass or fail score. You simply cannot fail.

How Does it Work?

Much like a buyer-seller inspection, a Home Maintenance inspection is a visual examination of your home’s systems, mechanicals, and structure. Everything from the roof to the basement is inspected to ensure that they are in proper working order. Any defects or damage will be noted in our Home Inspection Report.

A Home Maintenance Inspection is not a guarantee or prediction of future performance, but it will pinpoint existing problem areas for you to act upon.

The Highest-Rated in South Florida

Superior service. Very thorough, detailed and concise. Great communication and delivery of a usable, final product.
Done a great job and was very informative. Thanks to you all
Jeremy Blum
Jeremy Blum
Waypoint did a great job!
Paul Bates
Paul Bates
Anthony Rympa was prompt and thorough. Identified things around home that will be very useful in moving forward towards our purchase.
Very thorough, very pleased!Highly recommended 👌 💯
Addie Rodrigues
Addie Rodrigues
Extremely happy with the service.Great company!
Elliot Katz
Elliot Katz
Alex did a thorough job on the inspection, taking his time in checking out all plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, appliances and other items in the condo.
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