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Mold Inspection Miami FL

The Best Mold Inspection Miami FL Services

What We Do

Waypoint performs mold inspection Miami FL services to find if mold is present, find the source of the mold, and provide protocols for mold remediation. Our inspectors are licensed mold assessors and home inspectors which means they thoroughly understand homes. With mold inspection Miami FL services, our inspectors will evaluate your home for sources of water intrusion and high humidity. Then, they can provide recommendations, perform a mold test, and finally provide mold remediation protocols for repairs.

Mold Testing

Info About Mold

Present Everywhere

Mold exists in every environment, even the one you're reading this in right now. It can become a concern when certain types of mold reach elevated levels inside a space.

Toxic Mold

Mold itself is not toxic, but many types do produce mycotoxins. Stachybotrys Chartarum and Penecillium are two commons types of mold that produce mycotoxins.


Mold needs a food source, moisture, and proper temperature to grow and spread. Inside a home it is the result of excess water and the root cause needs to be addressed.

Health Effects

Symptoms depend on level and length of exposure and include: headaches, itching, rash, eye irritation, and potentially more serious health effects like kidney and liver disease. Schedule mold inspection Miami FL services today!

What Is Included In Our Mold Inspection Miami FL Services?

Air Samples

We take multiple samples inside the home as well as a control sample outside. This allows the lab to determine if there are particulates inside the home that should not be there, and what levels they are present at.

Visible Growth Swabs

If there is any visible microbial like growth present in the home we will swab those areas. The swab samples allow the lab to determine what types of mold are present which helps determine the direction for remediation.

Expedited Shipping

All samples, indoor air quality and visible mold, are shipped via FedEx overnight to ProLab, an environmental testing laboratory based in Weston, Florida. ProLab is seen as a leader in the industry.

Detailed Report

ProLab produces a detailed report within 48 hours of receiving the samples. The report documents if there are particulates in the home at elevated levels and support staff is available for questions and guidance.

Supporting Our Heroes

Active duty and retired military, police, firefighter/EMT, nurses, and teachers receive a $50 discount to the home inspection.

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About Miami, FL

Miami, officially the City of Miami, is a dynamic coastal metropolis in Florida, the second-most populous city in the state. Anchoring the expansive Miami metropolitan area with 6.14 million residents, it boasts the third-largest U.S. skyline. Miami is a finance, commerce, culture, and trade leader, with a GDP of $344.9 billion. A majority-minority city, it is 70.2% Hispanic/Latino. Downtown Miami is a financial hub, hosting international banks and major companies. The Health District houses notable medical institutions, including Jackson Memorial Hospital. PortMiami is the world’s busiest cruise port. Known as the “Gateway to Latin America,” Miami ranked seventh in the U.S. in 2022 for business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement. With over 4 million visitors in 2022, it’s the second-most visited city in the U.S., after New York City.

Waypoint has been serving the community of Miami, FL and its surrounding cities with the highest rated home inspectors and the most educated. Schedule mold inspection Miami FL services with us today!

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The Highest-Rated in South Florida

Mark K.
Mark K.
Outstanding diligence and professional debrief! Thorough examination, friendly, and courteous.
Ricka H.
Ricka H.
I love the fact that their website was so easy to maneuver, I was able to skim through the information about different inspections, get a quote and setup an appointment all on their website by myself.Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, giving me confidence in this stage of my home buying process. One the day of inspection the inspector was on time (actually a little early), finished in the allotted time and made me feel as if no question was a dumb question. At the end of the inspection the inspector thoroughly went over his findings with me and sent myself and my realtor copies of the results In a timely manner.I would definitely recommend waypoint and look forward to keeping business with them as well.
Jason D.
Jason D.
I have used Waypoint twice. Once for pre drywall and second was final walkthrough. Both times very professional and very detailed reports. I would highly recommend Waypoint.

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