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Successful Realtor Marketing Strategy: Pop By Visits

By July 10, 2020Podcast
Realtor Marketing Strategies

Thank you to Crystal Brady for joining us again on Waypoint Real Talk! Crystal always amazes us with her experience and insight to realtor marketing strategies.

On this podcast, Crystal tells us about one of her key marketing strategies within her real estate business. Pop by visits have gained her immediate exposure to past clients with instant referrals just listen in for yourself!

What is a Pop By?

This is not a new concept in the world of real estate but there are some ways we can bring the pop by into modern times and use it in business.

The premise of a pop-by is to stop by your past clients houses and “pop in” to drop off a small gift. The purpose of these visits is to relationship build, spread goodwill, and get referrals from your past clients.

What To Bring

Small practical and thoughtful gifts or specialty food items.

Remember you may be doing lots of visits so you may want to try and keep it economical. The goal is to do frequent visits (several times per year) to your database. 

There are so many ideas on the internet for what to bring or cute taglines. Check out Pinterest for ideas!

You may also want to make sure the items are not perishable if you need to leave them at the door in case your clients are not home.


Gourmet Popcorn with a tag that says “Just popping by to say hi”.

Bundt cakes with a tag that says “you are the heart of my business, thank you for your referrals”.

Holiday themed pop-bys

Food or practical items such as: Candy, cookies, candles, bubbles, cooking utensils, hand sanitizer, booze, hot chocolate, wrapping paper.

Do you tell people you are coming over?

Yes! I usually text and call a few days before and explain I will be in their area on a certain morning or afternoon.

I usually just say something like this: “Hi Aaron, I’m visiting some of my past clients this week to drop off a little gift and I will be in your area Saturday between 1-4pm. Can I stop by and see you?”

Results of this Realtor Marketing Strategy

Pre-covid Pop Bys

I did a round of pop bys before covid and everyone invited me inside to sit and talk. Sometimes, I ended up staying an hour at certain people’s houses. Usually pop bys are intended to be shorter 10-15 minute visits, but I would never pass on the chance to connect with people.

So, while I did not get to do as many visits as I would have liked, I was deepening my relationships with people and I found that to be more important. 

Many people wanted to show me home improvements or ask my opinion on future improvements they are planning. Some needed recommendations for a pool guy or cabinet person while other people had mortgage questions.

The Best Part Was Referrals

Lots of people told me about friends, family or co-workers they wanted to connect me with for selling or buying.

During Covid Pop Bys

I also did a round in the midst of covid because I felt with so many people in quarantine that people really wanted to connect in person and missed having that human contact.

It actually worked out great! I contacted everybody ahead of time and said that I wanted to drop off a gift and say hi from the driveway. I did not want them to be concerned I would try to come inside the house which is why I specifically mentioned saying hi from the driveway.

Everybody was so excited and welcomed my visit! I saw LOTS of families and stood in the driveway and talked to them outside. We took selfies while social distancing and had a great time.

Summing UP

Pop By visits if done properly can excel the amount of referrals that are coming your way. Be sure to use a small gift and reference referrals being key to your business.

Then, while visiting, have fun! Connect with your past clients well enough and they will refer you business if they have it!

Have a question? Comment below! Be sure to check out our other Waypoint Real Talks if you are wanting to learn more about growing your real estate business!