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Vent Stack Vs Stack Vent: What’s The Difference?


While we may think we can use Vent Stack and Stack Vent interchangeably, there is a difference. Let’s talk about Vent Stack vs Stack Vent and show the difference.

What Is A Vent Stack?

A vent stack is a vertical pipe connected to a home’s drainage system. The vertical pipe is typically made out of the same material as the drainage pipes, runs through the attic, and discharges above the roof.

In the image below, the Vent Stacks are the straight pipes coming out of the roof.

Shingle Roof Lifespan in Florida

What Is A Stack Vent?

A Stack Vent is a vertical pipe as mentioned above, as well as, horizontal drainage pipes. Therefore, a Stack Vent includes the Vent Stack.

To see this, look at the featured illustration of this post. The horizontal pipes and vertical pipe would be considered the Stack Vent.

Stack vents are typically made out of PVC, Cast Iron, or Orangeburg Piping.

Final Thoughts

For homeowners, the difference between vent stack vs stack vent is so small it may not matter. However, for those in the construction industry, the difference does matter!

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