When Should You Be Concerned About Mold?

By January 27, 2020Mold
When should you be concerned about mold

Mold can be a serious health concern, as well as, greatly impact your long earned savings account. So whether you already have a home, or you are purchasing a home, when should you begin raising flags about mold for further evaluation?

If You See Mold

This goes without saying, if you see mold INSIDE your home, clean it with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. If the mold reappears, contact a home inspector/mold assessor for further evaluation, testing, and recommendations on next steps.

You might be considering contacting a mold remediation company or your insurance company, however, this is not recommended. In some cases, you may find the remediation company try to sell you on remediation or your insurance company try to get out of their liability. Therefore, for better protection, going through a third-party first can save you from future headache.

If You Smell Mold

If you smell mold, try to find the source of the smell. This can help decipher what is causing the smell. Occasionally, it can be coming from an A/C system, roof leak, or plumbing leak.

Moreover, after finding a source or general location, contact a home inspection/mold inspection company for air sampling testing. Air quality testing helps find exactly what is in the air by sending captured air samples to laboratories.

Once the results are in, the inspector or mold assessor can help with next steps.

If You or Someone in Your Home Is Constantly Getting Sick

Mold in the air can easily cause someone to get sick. Speak with your doctor about possible causes of your symptoms, but for reference, here are some symptoms you may be experiencing if your home contains a high level of mold.

  • a runny or blocked nose.
  • watery, red eyes.
  • a dry cough.
  • skin rashes.
  • a sore throat.
  • sinusitis.
  • wheezing.

After visiting your doctor, schedule an inspection and air quality testing by a specialist for evaluation and possible elimination of what is causing the illness.

If a Home is Lacking Regular Maintenance

If your home or home you are buying appears to have missed regular maintenance or looks like it needs some TLC, then mold might be a concern. Mold can be caused by excessive moisture along with food for the fungus/bacteria. Therefore, a house with roof leaks, plumbing leaks, or water stains in general could have mold in need of remediation.

When should you not be concerned?

Mold does not need to be a concern when it is less than 10 square feet.

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