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Whirlpool Water Heater Age: How To Find Year of Manufacture

Whirlpool Water Heater - Looking for the label to find the water heater age

Use this guide below to find the age of your Whirlpool Water Heater. For additional questions, comment below.

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Whirlpool Water Heater Age

The age of the water heater can be determined by reading the serial number. The serial number can be found on the label of the water heater. The serial number will always begin with 4 numbers.

Occasionally, there might be a letter after the first 4 digits, or there may just be a sequence of numbers. For the purpose of this blog, those numbers or letters do not matter.

Whirlpool Water Heater Label - Serial number with decoding to find the age

The first two numbers are the year of manufacture. The following two numbers are the week of manufacture.

For more information on your WhirlPool Water Heaters, visit their website.


Finding the age of your water heater is critical so you can understand the approximate life left on your Whirlpool water heater. If you have not already, check out our blog on water heater lifespan to find how many more years you could get from your water heater.

If you have additional questions or comments, be sure to comment below!

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