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Who pays for the home inspection?

So who pays for the home inspection?

Generally speaking, it is the home buyer. This is for two main reasons:

  1. The home inspection is not required.
  2. The home inspection reports on the condition of the property.

A seller who is trying to sell a house for the most money will only want to pay for things that are required for them to pay for.

Furthermore, a home inspector is responsible for finding things wrong. Imagine trying to sell anything, but first announcing all the things wrong with the thing you are purchasing.

Is there a time when the seller pays for the inspection?

Actually, yes. In most cases, this would be for a pre-listing inspection. A pre-listing inspection has many advantages for a seller which you can read about here. However these are the main advantages highlighted:

  1. Fixing broken items before selling = more equity in the home.
  2. More confident buyer by releasing the inspection report = sells the home faster by waiving an inspection period.
  3. Stronger Negotiation. A seller who knows what is wrong with the home cannot be told what is wrong with their home by a buyer’s inspector.
  4. Ultimately, the average return on investment from a buyer’s inspection is $14,000. Pre-listing inspections save sellers money.

This is on top of the fact that top producing listing agents use pre-listing inspections to sell homes faster and for more money. Here’s an agent in Tampa, FL. that is in the top 5% in Berkshire Hathaway that does exactly this.

Fox Business even covers why sellers should pay for the inspection.

So, as a buyer, should you purchase a home inspection?

Yes, absolutely. Not getting a home inspection is the equivalent of purchasing a car without negotiating or doing research on the car’s value.

Realtors are paid on commission, so of course they would want to sell a property for the highest price point they can! …you would too!

How much should I pay for a home inspection?

I cover in another blog about why you should hire the home inspector that charges the most for a home inspection.

But basically, prices range from $300-thousands. The average sized home is around $350-$400, but that does not include additional inspections needed for insurance or loans.

Examples of other inspections you may have to pay for are:

  • Radon Testing
  • Mold Testing
  • Wind Mitigation – Saves money on insurance in some states.
  • Four-Point – Required on older homes to obtain insurance in some states.
  • Termite (WDO) Inspection – Definitely recommended.
  • Water Testing
  • Well Testing
  • The list goes on…

Can I pay for the inspection at closing?

Very few home inspection companies offer this. If this is something that is actually a concern of yours, check with your agent to see if they can purchase the inspections for you. That way, you can refund the agent after closing.

You should also check with the inspection company.

Most reputable home inspection companies will offer a discount on your next inspection if you do not end up closing on the previous home.

So, for instance, if you hire a home inspector and end up not closing on that house. The home inspection company will give you $100 off the inspection of the next house you put an offer on.


I hope I have answered all of your questions regarding purchasing an inspection. Be sure to read our other articles on home inspections, home selling, and buying.

Comment below if you have additional questions!