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What Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection is a 7 question Florida standard form that was developed after the 2004 hurricane season. It is designed to give homeowner insurance discounts to homes that meet certain criteria. We offer wind mitigation inspections in Tampa to help homeowners save money on their home insurance. Here is what the wind mitigation inspection includes:

What Is A 4 Point Inspection?

If a home is close to, or over 30 years old, insurance companies may request a 4 point inspection report. This report is an overview of the general condition of the roof, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. Insurance companies want to make sure all four systems are in good working order or have been updated because the home is older. In some cases, insurance companies may request the 4 point inspection, as soon as, 10 years old. Read below to see what is involved in a 4 point inspection in Tampa Bay & Orlando, FL

About Wind Mitigation Inspections


Age of the home

Home application permit is after March 1st, 2002.

Age of the roof

Roof application permit is after March 1st, 2002.

Roof geometry

Less than 10% of the total roof perimeter has gable or flat features.

Roof deck nail size/spacing

“8d” nail size spaced every 6 inches.

Roof to wall connection

Clips, single wraps, double wraps, and structural connection.

Underlayment type

A self-adhering underlayment known as an SWR or Peel and Stick.

Opening protection

All glazed openings protected by “impact rated” shutters or other devices. The doors/windows can be “impact rated” alone.

Opening protection

Some insurance companies will discount if windows are impact rated or covered by an impact rated device (shutter), even if solid entries or garage doors are not protected.

About 4 Point Inspections


Most insurance companies require the roof to have at least 3-5 years of life expectancy remaining. Any signs of leaks (past or present), deteriorated materials, and repairs are also noted. 


The insurance company wants to know if there is an outdated electrical panel, what type of wiring is in the home, and if there are any other safety hazards or outdated/improperly installed materials.


Insurance companies want to see that the heating and cooling system is in good working condition, that it has been regularly maintained, and that there aren’t signs of damage or deterioration.


Certain types of plumbing, such as polybutylene and deteriorated cast iron, may be considered red flags by insurance companies. They also want to know if there any signs of leaks.

Wind Mitigation FAQs

How Much Does The Wind Mitigation Inspection Cost?

In Tampa FL, wind mitigation inspection prices can vary by company. Most reputable home inspection companies will charge around $100-$200 for a wind mitigation inspection. See our pricing.

How Much Money Will I Save On My Home Insurance?

Estimated savings on home insurance can vary significantly depending on the home. It is best to discuss with your insurance agent what discounts you might qualify for and your estimated savings. Home inspectors can only tell you what your home has, not home much you might save.

How Long Does The Inspection Take?

The wind mitigation inspection can take about 30 minutes to an hour. A home inspector will need to walk around your property, crawl into the attic, and look at all your openings.

Why Did I Lose Insurance Credits?

In rare instances, homeowners may lose insurance discounts. This happens because a previous wind mitigation inspection was filled out improperly, meaning a previous inspector marked certain home attributes that were not there. Fortunately, these cases are rare and most homeowners end up saving every year on their insurance premium.

4 Point FAQs

How Do I Pass A 4 Point Inspection?

A 4 point inspection is not a pass or fail, however, an insurance company may request repairs after a 4 point inspection is completed in order to qualify for insurance. Some insurance companies may provide a grace period of about 30 days after a home purchase to repair/fix items noted in the 4 point inspection.

How Long Is A 4 Point Inspection Good For?

A 4 Point Inspection is generally good for the life of the policy or until the insurance underwriter wants to request a new inspection (which is rare). That being said, a new 4 point inspection may be requested if a home is sold regardless if the seller has a previous 4 point available.

Can A 4 Point Inspection Replace A Home Inspection?

A 4 Point Inspection is not a replacement for a full home inspection. A home inspection covers many other important items in the home, such as grading, the structure, and appliances. In addition, the 4 point inspection only covers the 4 points in a general overview. A home inspection report may provide additional detail and recommendations.

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