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Children’s Cancer Awareness w/ 1Voice Foundation

Mary Ann with the 1Voice Foundation in Tampa Bay, FL joined us on Waypoint Real Talk this past week to discuss the 1Voice Foundation and raise awareness for children’s cancer.

The 1Voice Foundation offers 25 programs for pediatric cancer families in Tampa Bay. Some of these programs include a summer camp for kids with cancer that includes kayaking, swimming, and more!

Also, 1Voice funds and operates the only private pediatric cancer research lab in the Bay. In addition, they testify annually before Congress and the Senate during Childhood Cancer Action Days in the Capital.

Lastly, 1Voice has partnered with the Hillsborough County Schools to open the 1Voice Academy, the first school in the United States for children with cancer.

Waypoint Property Inspection recently visited the 1Voice Foundation for a tour of the campgrounds. Waypoint is committed to raising awareness for childhood cancer and will be donating time and money to the 1Voice Foundation.

Donate To The 1Voice Foundation.

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