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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic & Home Inspections

Waypoint Property Inspection

Every article starts out by saying, “these times are unprecedented”. They are weird times, that’s for sure. Waking up each morning seems like we are re-living the same-day, in the same dream.

Waypoint Property Inspection, though, has been pressing forward. Our family and culture is focused on staying hopeful and keeping the doors open for as long as we are allowed to. We are fortunate enough to have great business groundwork made from the hands of the owner, Bob Hintze. (Shameless shout out to that guy).

That being said, I would like to share what we are doing as a company and what you can do as well.

1. Waypoint is Taking Care of the Community

You might have gotten a phone call from one of our awesome team members expressing that we are still open, and if you need anything to let us know. Moreover, we are happy to send the online resources we have to share. (Ex. Text an Inspector & Permit Requesting). We are actively doing what we can to provide you with more value.

Also, you might have heard that we are taking care of our frontline workers in hospitals by supplying food. Here are a few pictures of us delivering food to the Brandon Hospital for healthcare workers.

Delivering food to healthcare workers was a combined effort. A huge thank you to these businesses for helping support the cause:

  • Performance Food Group
  • Cater Tampa
  • Carole Gill Consulting
  • State Farm – Melissa Snively
  • Women’s Successful Living
  • Eaton Realty
  • Foundation Title & Trust
  • Master Garage Door Co.
  • Vortex 1 Security
  • Law Offices of Car L. MacDonald, PA
  • Commerce Connections
Breakfast Sponsors
Biggest shoutout goes to Cater Tampa for putting in so many hours!

2. Waypoint is Slowing the Spread

Real Estate is still classified as an essential business, so we are remaining open as long as we can. We recognize families need a safe place to live so a huge shout-out to those Realtors who are working overtime to help our community find places to stay.

Here are the procedures our inspectors are taking:

  • Wearing Masks
  • Keeping Their Distance
  • Wearing Gloves
  • Carrying Sanitation Equipment

Thank you to our inspectors for stepping up during this time to keep everyone safe!

Social Distancing Home Inspectors
It may be hard to see, but they are all smiling! (vacant house, we did sanitize items touched without gloves)

3. We Are Reaching Higher Than Before

I think we can say this for a lot of businesses out there… this year was supposed to be a GREAT year with a lot of growth. However, life happens and things do not go according to plan.

This does not mean Waypoint is not growing or slowing down. We are just getting started! Since this pandemic has occurred, we have now offered new ways to reach Realtors and other businesses in the Real Estate Industry through podcasting.

Waypoint Real Talk

The third episode of Waypoint Real Talk launches this Friday! Waypoint Real Talk, hosted by Austin Hintze and Aaron Shishilla, brings Real Estate talk to new levels by discussing valuable insights with top producers and top businesses that help consumers.

You can check out the latest episode of Waypoint Real Talk here. Also, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to listen in on the podcast launching this Friday!

Here’s the announcement video with our intro audio!

Going Forward

Waypoint Property Inspection is SUPER thankful for every single one of our customers, referrals, and Realtors. We are not stopping, and if anything we are coming out of quarantine with new perspectives towards the industry as a whole as well as the part we play in the transaction.

Waypoint will continue to be on the front lines as much as possible to help those who need it. And do not forget, Waypoint is here for you… if you need it, just email me.


Realtors and businesses in Real Estate… if you have insights to share and want to be on our podcast, reach out to me.