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best home inspection blogs

If you are a frequent reader of the Waypoint Inspection blog, you know how much education I bring to each blog post.

These blogs take time, effort, and of course, the LOVE. That’s right, I add love to every blog I post.

Anyway, my point is, you might be thirsty for more information on homes. Moreover, I wanted to share the other information that is out there on the web.

So without further ado, here are the best home inspection blogs I have found on the internet. If you find others that you like, be sure to comment down below!

1. Waypoint Property Inspection

Now come on, do you really think I am not going to put Waypoint’s blog as the number one blog on this list?

After all, we are the best!

Structure Tech Logo

2. Structure Tech

This blog, run by Reuben Saltzman, is one of the longest going home inspection blogs out there.

What I enjoy from Reuben’s blogs are his candid and educational approach. Reuben is not afraid to tell you how it is from his expertise as a home inspector.

Oh, by the way, most of his blogs are for Minnesota residents, however, there are some useful nuggets in there for others.

Be sure to check out Reuben’s blog!

3. Buell Inspections

The Buell Inspections blogs is run by the owner Charles Buell.

While his blog is older and may take a bit more to navigate, his information is SUPER helpful.

Charles Buell always takes a very technical and educational approach to his blogs to really inform you about the workings of your home.

Visit his blog:

Inside and Out Property Inspectors Logo

4. Inside and Out Property Inspectors

Inside and Out Property Inspectors is located in Jacksonville, FL and has had their blog going for about two years.

Their most popular post is on sewer scope inspections and their approach has always been towards homebuyers or sellers rather than the technical approaches noted above.

Visit their blog:

Alto Home inspection Logo

5. Alto Home Inspections

This is a blog I recently came by and honestly, I love it due to the owner’s personalized approach.

Bradley Beck is the owner of Alto Home Inspections and his blogs are very focused on new home buyers.

Visit his blog here:

Other home inspection blogs

6. Honorable Mentions

In the effort of full disclosure, I actually am an editor for many other home inspection blogs across the web and work with a team that produces great content.

That being said, I did want to list them below in case you wanted more.

Atkinson Inspection – Heavy focus on home owners and Central Florida.

Boggs Inspection Service – This blog actually was managed by the owner a few years ago and has tons of content!

Rivertown Property Inspection – Brand new so show some support!

Alpha Building Inspection – Heavy Focus on Commercial and Northern Topics.

Inside and Out Property Inspectors is also in that list, however, most of their blogs are not written by us.


Being honest, there are not that many active and great blogs out there from home inspectors.

In my honest opinion (IMHO), home inspectors tend not to focus on their marketing, but rather their inspection and process. While this is great to ensure you are receiving a great inspection, they are limited in the number of people they can help if nobody knows who they are.

I think that attitude is changing in the future. More home inspectors are focusing on their marketing efforts as newer inspectors enter the market. Moreover, inspectors are realizing that large tech companies have beat them to the SEO punch by trying to sell leads to home inspectors (and others), cough cough, Home Advisor.

Did I leave your favorite blog out? Be sure to comment below. If you are a new home owner and trying to learn about your home, be sure to message me your questions!