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The majority of shower heads are universal.

Home maintenance is something that is expected when you purchase your home. The amount of home maintenance will be determined by how old various materials are in the home that you purchase. Once you make the home purchase, maintaining it is key. Items fail all of the time in your home. Be ready to replace shower heads, faucets, toilet parts, and other plumbing, HVAC, and electrical items. Some items are easier to replace than others. For example, replacing a shower head should be a simple unscrew, re-teflon, and re-screw. Are shower heads universal? Yes, the national standard for shower head plumbing is a 1/2-inch pipe. This allows shower heads to be universal.

Let’s take a look below at some more information regarding universal showerheads.

Moveable shower heads are great for getting all of your body clean.

What Prevents The Shower Head From Not Fitting?

Believe it or not, there are a few reasons why a shower head might not fit your plumbing fitting. The National Pipe Thread (NPT) and the British Standard Pipe (BSP) will determine if your shower head will fit the pipe in your shower. Let’s take a look below at some more details regarding why the shower head might not fit.

  • NPT and BSP differences – Any National Pipe Thread (NPT) shower head has a flat threading and will not fit the rounded British Standard Pipe (BSP). However, if you purchase from a local hardware store, you will likely find the right fit.
  • The number of threads – The United States plumbing connections have 14 teeth or grooves in the pipe head. This ensures the proper fitting of your shower head.
  • Water pressure – The required water pressure for any American shower head is between 40 and 60 psi. If the water pressure is lower than that, leaks and water flow issues will arise.
  • Spray pattern – If you install a universal shower head be aware that you will have three settings. Wide, targeted, and pulsating water spray patterns. Keep this in mind when changing your shower head.

What Are The Benefits Of Universal Shower Heads?

There are a variety of benefits to a universal shower head. Let’s take a look below at what those benefits are.

  • Easy shower head replacement – A universal shower head has a 1/2 standard NPT pipe thread connection. This shower head will fit all modern shower arms and hoses.
  • Maintain uniform water pressure – A universal shower head allows you to maintain the necessary water pressure for your shower. Keeping a tight-fit shower head ensures that the water flow is consistent and there are no air gaps.
  • Easy installation – Purchasing a universal shower head allows you to swap the old one out with the new one fairly quickly. You will just need to unscrew the old shower head, add Teflon to the threads, and screw on the new showerhead.
  • Adapts to different bathrooms – Universal shower heads can adapt to big, small, residential, or apartment bathrooms. The piping radius is universal and makes the change simple.

The good news is that wall-mounted shower heads and rain shower heads are standardized shower heads. The type of shower head needed for your showering experience is determined by the pipe size measured in inch npt. Double-check the measuring diameter to ensure your water supply is a standard size.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know about universal shower heads, you can read up on how to increase the water pressure in your sink. The water pressure in your shower head and your sink is virtually the same. So, understanding how to troubleshoot the water pressure in your sink will assist you with increasing the water pressure in your shower.

Next, you might find sediment in the water lines. Follow the step-by-step process to replace the aerator screening and flush the sediment from your water lines.

Lastly, if you are replacing your shower head, it is likely a combination of things. One of those reasons could be a squealing shower. Be sure to read up on why your shower is making squealing sounds. Replacing the shower head could be the simplest solution.

Shower heads are mostly universal.

When Do I Call A Professional?

Not all homeowners have the tools or the patience to replace their showerheads. If this is you, reach out to your local plumber to assist. Additionally, if you don’t know any reputable master plumbers, call on your local home inspection team. Consequently, they can inspect your entire plumbing system and recommend a reputable master plumber.


When looking to change your shower heads, you want to make sure that you have what you need. Be sure to purchase the right showerhead that can thread onto the shower plumbing. If you aren’t sure which shower head will fit call on your local home inspection team. They can come out and inspect your entire plumbing system and recommend a reputable plumber to assist. Call Waypoint Property Inspection to inspect your home in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Orlando, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and surrounding areas.