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What is a NACA Home Inspection

NACA, also known as Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, provides specialized home loans and mortgage rates for families and communities of low to moderate income.

Since NACA is a special program, they require specialized NACA home inspections, which Waypoint conducts.

About the NACA Program

As mentioned above, NACA’s target market are families and communities with low to moderate income.

Their home loan process is strictly based on a person’s needs rather than their ability to qualify.

NACA Offers:

  • No Closing Costs
  • No Down Payment
  • No Fees/Points
  • Below Market Fixed Rates
  • No Credit Consideration

At the time of writing, NACA is offering fixed mortgage rates of 3.125% for a 30-year mortgage.

Also, NACA provides comprehensive counseling to help those get out of debt and into successful home ownership.

About The NACA Home Inspection

Home inspectors will need to be approved by NACA to complete these inspection types.

Home inspectors will be required to use HomeGauge Inspection Software, as well as take a picture with the home buyer in front of the home during the inspection. – The picture will have to be posted as the cover photo of the inspection report.

NACA Home Inspection Reporting

All of items besides the home inspection reporting software are the same as a regular home inspection would be.

Home inspectors are only required to use a specialized form outline to fill in their information.

Draw Inspections – Powered by NACA

Draw inspections through NACA can be completed if there are repairs to be made on a property.

To illustrate, a buyer may not be able to afford home repairs or re-inspection costs. So, NACA will pay for a contractor to make necessary repairs along with paying a home inspector to inspect the repairs.

Concluding on NACA Home Inspections

Home inspectors who are interested in partnering with NACA may apply here.

Waypoint Property Inspection is proud to be able to help NACA and their clients.

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