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Tips for Your Final Walkthrough Before Closing

Tips for a final walkthrough before closing

A Brief Outline

A final walkthrough is an examination of a home before the day of closing. This is to get final confirmation that the seller has moved out (or is almost moved out) and the house is in the same condition as before.

A final walkthrough is important to ensure the buyer does not inherent “squatters” (people that do not want to leave the house) or damage to the home that was previously not there.

So what are some tips to the walkthrough so you know you can give your final signature on the home transaction?

Tips to Final Walkthrough

You should check for the operation of all main components of the home including: lights, A/C, toilets, showers, sinks, appliances, etc.

Typically, your home inspection report will outline those items that need repairs and you can use this time to double check the repairs. Furthermore, you can double check the items that were said to be in working condition at the time of the inspection.

Tip 1: Bring a copy of your home inspection report.

This will help you go by all the components of the home so you do not miss anything.

Tip 2: Bring your Realtor

A Realtor is SO IMPORTANT because their experience alone helps you answer questions or check items you may forget. For instance, a Realtor may know how to operate that specific kind of fireplace. – You should already know how to operate the fireplace from your inspection period.

Tip 3: If it is a new home, bring blue tape.

A Realtor in the Greater Tampa Bay Area, Annie Rocks, noted to us that she even gets on her hands and knees to check cabinets, baseboards, and floors! Looking inside cabinets or the kick plates of the cabinets from the floor, helps you look at the cuts and workmanship.

Tip 4: A quote from Christopher Freyre, Realtor.

Checking the vitals & components of the home before you sign is paramount. Turn on the ac, check the windows, blinds, water heater, kitchen appliances, make sure the sprinklers are still functioning properly, flush the commodes, turn on the sinks, baths & showers. Open & lock the sliders & doors, make those final measurements, check the pool equipment, fans, fixtures & hardware…

…Most new construction homes will have a home orientation the week prior to closing. This orientation provides the homeowner a tutorial of the home & a chance to address any flaws or finals concerns for the builder to address. Then a final walk occurs, either the day prior or just before closing to make sure the items addressed by the buyers concerns at the home orientation have been satisfied. For existing homes the buyers orientation would be the inspection period which is to say the final walkthrough is the last time you can make sure any repairs agreed to from the inspection period were indeed completed.

Christopher Freyre, Realtor

Final Walkthrough Checklist

  • Exterior Components
    • Paint
    • Soffits
    • Faucets
    • Sprinklers
    • Pool & Equipment
    • Patios
  • A/C Condition – Turn it on to ensure operation
    • Heating System
  • Electrical Condition
    • Check Electrical Panel for Circuit Breaker Operation
  • Attic – Check to make sure all items have been removed.
    • Do not climb through the attic unless you have experience
  • Kitchen
    • Check inside all cabinets and pantries.
    • Check faucets and appliances
    • Check undersigns for leaks
    • Check for hot water
  • Bathrooms
    • Check all faucets
    • Check inside all cabinets
    • Turn on showers and flush toilets
    • Check the hot water reaches all bathrooms
  • Interior
    • Lightswitches
    • Outlets
    • Windows
    • Blinds
    • Doors
  • Garage
    • Check the garage door for operation and sensors
    • Check the air handler, water heater, and electrical system again if they are in the garage.
      • Check for leaks/damage and general operation.

Have a question about final walkthroughs? Comment below.

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