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2020 End of Year Review

2020 was definitely something, wasn’t it? Here at Waypoint, we were ambitious, ready for growth, and ready to make a bigger difference for homeowners. But then, of course, COVID-19 happened and changed those plans a bit.

That being said, we did still have several positive things happen this year. So before we say goodbye to 2020, we wanted to take one last look back. Here’s Waypoint’s 2020 year in review, the first-ever.

2020 Highlights

  • Moved To A New Office
  • Digital Marketing Expansion
  • Our Response to COVID-19
  • Began Teaching Aspiring Home Inspectors
  • Raised Awareness For Breast Cancer
  • Grew Our Business & Certifications
  • Above all, Helped More Homeowners Than Ever

Moved To A New Office

At the beginning of the year, we expanded into an office twice as big as our previous one. We needed more space to accommodate our growing team and to host a classroom for the InspectionGo Academy. More on that later.

The new office space includes a training room, reception area, admin office, client care office, podcasting/marketing office, break room, kitchen, and storage room.

This new office has helped us teach inspectors, host many team/leadership meetings, record podcasts, and more. Comparatively, our older office was much smaller, crowded, and uninspiring.

We are excited for the many inspector trainees that will benefit from the training room in 2021 when COVID-19 is no longer a concern.

Digital Marketing Expansion

We made some major moves into the digital space this year.

If you are reading this, welcome to the new website! Our ultimate goal with this website was to provide more resources to our community, and this year we have definitely done that.

Previously, our website had limited information, no blogs, and little web traffic. Today, our website traffic is reaching over 18,000 users/month and continues to grow! Here’s a breakdown of our website content:

  • 60 Published Pages
  • 165 Published Blog Posts
  • 603 Media Items

Not only have we redeveloped our website and added content, but we have also focused on our Yelp & social media presence.

Created & Grew Our Instagram

If you are not following us on Instagram, you should. Everyone else is already! 😉

In February, we had zero followers, and we were following nobody. Today, we have over 700 people following us (proof we have friends)! Check out some of our Insta Posts:

Feeding Healthcare workers breakfast

Our Response To COVID-19

Our public response to COVID-19 was published in this article. It described how we are handling inspections, interactions, and how we are helping the community. Check it out to get a highlight on what we did.

However, we did not cover how we handled internal business. But now, we can look in the rear-view mirror and reflect.

We are proud to say we did not have to lay off any team members. Additionally, Waypoint was able to keep everyone busy, even if their jobs adjusted a little in the short term.

The owners of Waypoint Property Inspection are very pleased that they operate a company that takes care of its community and its own employees during times of hardship.

Inspection Go Academy Teachers

Began Teaching Aspiring Home Inspectors

With awesome industry friends and connections, Waypoint Property Inspection became the first-ever home inspection school with InspectionGo Academy.

Starting in March, Waypoint leadership was able to conduct e-learning through Zoom to teach others how to be the best home inspector. The training goes above and beyond industry standards to ensure they are fully prepared for a home inspector career.

By the end of 2020, Waypoint Property Inspection was able to help over 160 people receive their home inspection license! And in 2021, we hope to host our home inspector trainees at our office.

Raising Awareness For Breast Cancer

This October, as with many years past, we donated a portion of each inspection fee to Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. Check out our full article about it.

A few years ago, some of our team members had close relatives pass from Breast Cancer. Since then, we continue to raise awareness each year by wearing pink throughout October and donating to the cause.

In 2021, we hope to increase our charitable contributions.

Grew Our Business & Certifications

Even though COVID-19 had a significant impact on the world and our business, Waypoint was fortunate enough to continue operating to help others.

We grew our office staff team, hired great home inspectors, and increased our home inspector certifications in Radon and Mold.

Waypoint is so thankful to have an awesome referral network that enables us to continue assisting others and employing more of our community.

Home Inspector Walking

Helped More Homeowners Than Ever

Above all, we completed more inspections this year than any year before. We are so incredibly thankful to play an important role in our client’s lives and to our community for supporting us in this mission.

With 2021, Waypoint aims to surpass that record once again thanks to you.

Final Thoughts

Our hearts and prayers go to you for those who have lost loved ones or are currently battling COVID-19. When this all started at the beginning of the year, we reached out to many of you to offer our support in any way needed. As we all continue to look forward to an end to this situation, please know that our offer of support still stands.

Once again, Waypoint Property Inspection wants to thank you for your help this year. We ❤️ Our Clients.