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Finding the right roof for your home can be tricky. There are so many trends to choose from to make your home stand out. Let’s say that you select a metal roof and you are very happy about this selection. The roof goes on and it looks sharp! Your home is standing out in the neighborhood and looking like the top show! The first rain comes and you begin to notice an erosion line along with the soil and near the foundation.

Do metal roofs need gutters? This is a great question. In all cases, roofs need gutters to ensure that the rainwater is sent as far away from your home as possible. Not all gutters are created equal and they certainly aren’t one size fits all. Selecting a gutter system for your metal roof is a necessity, but you will want to choose the correct product for your metal roof.

Let’s take a look at the options for a metal roof system and see how it fits your needs and roofing design.

Why Metal Roofs Need Gutters

Believe it or not, gutters and downspouts are two of the most functional items on your entire home. Keeping water away from your home’s foundation is vital to your home’s longevity. In addition, gutters and downspouts give your home a curb appeal. Together they tie your beautiful roof to the paint and accents of your home.

Without seamless gutters, you will experience water runoff that will erode your soil, soak your walls, door frames, and window frames. In addition, you could experience long-term issues, such as mold in your walls, rotting wood, and other structural damage. Gutters will prevent water from getting into your roof decking and your fascia boards.

Knowing the value of gutters on your home will allow you to take a look at the best gutters for metal roofs.

Designer gutters to match the metal roof
Designer gutters to match the metal roof

What Problems Might Arise With Gutters On a Metal Roof

You would be surprised that gutter issues do occur, especially with a metal roof. Let’s take a look at some of the potential issues that could arise, if not installed properly:

  • Water overshooting (water shoots over the gutter system) – ensure that the gutter system is mounted high and you have installed rain guards.
  • Gutter collapse – securing a gutter system yourself is not recommended. Hiring a professional to mount your gutters is the best way to secure your gutter.
  • Clogged gutters – regular cleaning with gutter guards are the best ways to prevent clogging of gutters.
Roofing gutter system attached to a metal roof
Roofing gutter system attached to a metal roof

Cost of Gutters For a Metal Roof

Since gutters can come in a wide variety of materials and styles, the cost of the installation can have a very broad range. The national average for gutter installation is $900 – $5,000. This depends on the size of your home and the matching of specific details to the roof of the home. In most cases, you can expect to pay around $1,409 for 150 linear feet of seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts.

Other Recommended Maintenance

While you are in the middle of preparing for the possibility of adding gutters to your metal roof, this would be a good time to consult your roof inspection checklist.

You will also want to consider checking the downspouts. These are the pipes that are installed on every 20 feet of gutter. Their purpose is to carry the water from the gutter down and away from the home.  Downspout extensions should extend 4 to 6 feet away from the house, but 10 feet when possible.  This is so the water is far away from the home and will not cause a possible leak near the foundation.

Gutter system for a metal roof
Gutter system for a metal roof

When Do I Call A Professional

It is always best to call a professional licensed roofer when looking to make changes to your roof. This includes adding an installed gutter system, and downspouts. Also, the licensed roofer will be able to refer a high-quality gutter installer to ensure that the work quality is up to the same standard as the metal roof installation.


When installing gutters for your metal roof, you will always want to consult a professional first. Using the home inspection checklist will help so you know what to look for if you choose to install yourself. It is highly recommended that anything dealing with a roof, that you utilize a home inspection service as well as a professional licensed roofer.  Call Waypoint Property Inspection to inspect your home in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Orlando, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and surrounding areas.