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Home Inspection Expectations For Buyers

By July 28, 2020February 25th, 2021Home Buying, Home Inspection
Home Inspection Expectations for Buyers

Thank you to Crystal Brady for discussing this topic with us! Below you will find a video and the written text with it!

Home Inspection Expectations for Buyers Video

Written Portion


Most inspectors schedule inspections M-F during business hours.

Length of time:

Most inspections average 2-2.5 hours.

Buyer’s attendance:

Not required but highly encouraged. If you cannot take the time off of work to attend the entire inspection it is recommended you attend the last part so you can get a synopsis from the inspector and ask questions. 


A professional inspector will offer a detailed report with pictures and descriptions of times found so you can reference that after closing (or helpful for buyers who cannot attend).


Average cost for inspections typically recommend is approx $400-600 depending on the size and type of property. You can get your quote here, or view a better cost breakdown here.

Types of reports:

Typical recommended home inspections I consider mandatory OR helpful are: regular home inspection, termite inspection (unless Seller can provide details on a transferable warranty for termite protection already in place), 4 point & wind mitigation (if required for insurance)


 Home inspectors look for major, minor, maintenance items and safety recommendations. No house is perfect and all home inspections will have some deficiencies noted. Remember almost all houses are sold AS-IS so the inspection is for your benefit and knowledge. Also keep in mind that inspections are non-invasive and also represent a snapshot in time (what is happening with that home at the moment).

Summing It Up

If you have any further questions be sure to comment below or contact Crystal Brady!