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13 Must Ask Questions to The Home Inspector

By March 3, 2020March 3rd, 2021Home Inspection
Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

Purchasing a home can be a daunting task. If you have never gone through the process before, it can make it that much more stressful. So what are some questions you should ask the home inspector before and after the home inspection?

This list may give you further questions to ask or questions specific to your needs.

7 Must Ask Questions Before the Inspection

What are your credentials & Experience?

  • Ask for industry affiliations like InterNACHI, FABI, or ASHI.
  • Ask for years of experience as a home inspector.
  • Ask for licensing, if needed. Some states do not require licensing. Florida does!
  • Ask how they received their training.
  • Ask how many inspections they have completed.
  • Ask what their testimonials or Google Reviews look like or research yourself.

What Does Your Report Include or Exclude?

  • Does your inspection cover the pool?
  • Does your inspection cover the sprinkler system?
  • Will you walk the attic?
  • Will you walk the roof or what will you do if you cannot?
  • Will you go into the crawlspace?
  • Do you do thermography?
  • Do you inspect detached buildings or garages?

When Will I Receive the Report?

Sometimes you can be on a time crunch so this is important! You may also want to ask: how long are your reports and do they contain pictures?

Keep in mind, sometimes a shorter and more concise report is worth more than a lengthy report that is hard to understand. Ask if there is a sample report that you can review.

Do You Have an Agreement I Need to Sign?

All home inspectors should require the clients to sign an inspection agreement. If they do not, this is a huge flag!

How Long Does Your Inspection Take?

This can be useful to find out how thorough their inspection is. However, do not solely rely on this. An inspection company may send out multiple inspectors to make the time of inspection faster for you and your Realtor. On the other hand, a faster inspection may just be because the inspector is more knowledgeable.

Use this as a guide only and to watch out for extremities. If an inspector says he will take 4 hours on a 1500 square foot home, this is off. On the other hand, if they say they will take 30 minutes on a 1500 square foot home, this is off.

Will You Give Me a Summary After the Inspection is Completed?

Be sure your inspector will not just walk away after he is finished with the inspection. Ask the home inspector if you get to see their pictures and ask your questions.

Ask These Questions to Multiple Inspection Companies!

Do not just settle with an inspection company because it was referred to you. Do your research and be sure you are comfortable with them. After all, this is your personal investment.

6 Must Ask Questions After the Home Inspection

In most cases, following around the home inspector and asking questions is not a good idea. Home inspectors are completing a routine job. With interruptions, this can cause them to stray from their routine. Think of it as someone trying to talk to you while you’re trying to read at the same time. Your split focus can result in missing details with both the conversation and what you are reading.

The best plan of action is to follow the inspector if you want to be there with him/her, but keep your questions until the final review. (Pro tip: bring a notepad to the inspection or use a note taking app on your phone to keep track of your questions so you don’t forget them.)

Here are some great questions to ask your inspector after their review.

What is the condition of the Roof and What is the Life Expectancy?

A roof replacement is costly. If needed, you can negotiate the price of the roof in your deal. Knowing the life expectancy can help you plan for future expenses.

What is the condition of the HVAC system and What is the Life Expectancy?

Replacing the air conditioning and heating system can be several thousands of dollars or more. Knowing when you should expect to budget for this expense will be helpful.

What is the condition of the Electrical system and will it need Updating?

In newer homes you may not need to worry about outdated electrical. However, in older homes (before 1990’s), this may be a concern. Asking the inspector this question can help you prepare for expenses of a few hundred to a few thousand for replacement of the electrical panel or wiring.

What is the condition of the Plumbing system and will it need Updating?

This is about the same answer as electrical. Most newer homes will not require major updates. However, if you have cast iron or polybutylene, you may need to update in order to get insurance on the home.

What is the condition of the Home’s Structure?

This is a pretty generic and basic question, but you should still ask just in case the inspector noticed signs of potentially serious structural or foundation problems.

Does Water Flow Properly Away From the Home?

Ensuring that the water flows away from the home is important to avoid structural issues and water intrusion. Adjustments to grading or repairs from constant water ponding can be costly.

Other Items to Keep In Mind

If you are still looking for more information, read these blogs! We have also created a home inspection checklist.

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