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Three New Complimentary Benefits With Your Home Inspection

November 27, 2023
At Waypoint Property Inspection, we understand that a home inspection is more than just a snapshot of your property; it's a pathway to ensuring your home remains a haven of comfort, safety, and efficiency. That's…
Flea on carpet. They like the carpet so they can lay eggs.

Can Fleas Live in Carpet?

November 23, 2023
Fleas are small insects that are parasitic and feed on the blood of animals, including humans. They can be a big nuisance and cause various health issues for both pets and people. Unfortunately, you don't…
Thermostat in a home
Home Maintenance

How Does A Thermostat Work?

November 1, 2023
A thermostat is a device used to control the temperature in a particular space, such as a room or a building. It helps maintain a desired level of comfort by regulating the heating or cooling…
Fireplace hearth

What is a Fireplace Hearth?

October 16, 2023
A fireplace is a structure designed to contain a fire and provide heat. It is often found in homes and other buildings as a source of warmth and ambiance. Many people like to have one…
Backsplash on a wall in a kitchen.
Home Maintenance

How to End Backsplash On an Open Wall

September 30, 2023
Backsplash refers to the material installed on the wall behind a countertop or stove to protect it from splashes, stains, and heat. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes in a kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes…
Taking down a ceiling fan.
Home Maintenance

How to Take Down a Ceiling Fan

September 18, 2023
A ceiling fan is a popular fixture used to circulate air in a room. There are many styles and sizes that make a great addition to a home. Over time, you may need to remove…
Pencil drawing on wall
Home Maintenance

How to Get Pencil Off A Wall

August 28, 2023
Kids love to draw and sometimes, unfortunately, it is on our walls. Even though we always have endless supplies of paper, coloring books, and more, sometimes they feel the wall is a better place. If…
The majority of shower heads are universal.
Home Maintenance

Are Shower Heads Universal?

July 26, 2023
Home maintenance is something that is expected when you purchase your home. The amount of home maintenance will be determined by how old various materials are in the home that you purchase. Once you make…
Dishwashers heat their own water while in the cleaning cycle.
Home Maintenance

Do Dishwashers Heat The Water?

July 6, 2023
Having a dishwasher in your home can be considered a blessing. Simply put, the homeowner spends less time washing the dishes by hand. Additionally, current dishwashers are great at saving water and providing a variety…
Attic doors can be concealed in a variety of ways.

How To Hide Attic Door In Ceiling?

June 22, 2023
When you buy a home, you want to make sure you have access to areas in the home. The attic is one of those areas. Sometimes the door is visible, sometimes it is hidden. If…
Landscaping rock can separate your grass from the foundation of your home.

How To Clean Landscape Rock

June 8, 2023
Curb appeal is so important for a home. Many people do this by adding mulch, pretty flowers, or different types of rock. Rock is very popular among homeowners as it doesn't wash away and holds…
Vacuuming the carpet on your steps.
Home Maintenance

How To Clean Carpet On Stairs?

May 24, 2023
Owning a home requires a lot of home maintenance. Additionally, keeping your home clean can be a challenge. If you have kids or pets or both, then simple chores like cleaning your floors can become…
Ventilation fans might not do the trick in a crawl space.
Crawl Space

Do Crawl Space Ventilation Fans Work?

May 8, 2023
Owning a home can come with a lot of concerns. Owning a home with a crawl space has its variations of concerns. Consequently, it is important to read up on what a crawl space is…
Easements and drainage ditches are the homeowners responsibility if on their property.
Home Maintenance

Who Is Responsible For Maintaining Drainage Ditches?

April 24, 2023
Homeowners have so many responsibilities that come with owning a home that adding more to the plate seems unbearable. Be sure to understand all of your municipal codes before you purchase or build your new…
Depending on how much asphalt is used will determine how long it takes to dry.
Home InspectionNew Construction

How Long Does Asphalt Take To Dry?

April 7, 2023
Whether you are buying a new home or building a new home, deciding to install an asphalt driveway can be an aesthetically pleasing idea. Most homeowners can determine if an asphalt driveway fits their home…
Resetting your Whirlpool washing machine requires you to simply follow the manufacturer's directions.
Home Maintenance

How To Reset A Whirlpool Washing Machine

March 20, 2023
Owning a home comes with a lot of excitement and a lot of maintenance. It never fails that something breaks down or needs your attention during the most inopportune times. Luckily, there are many items…

Is Water Dripping From The AC Dangerous?

March 7, 2023
Being a homeowner requires a lot of work. You need to stay on top of all maintenance needs throughout the entire year. It is never a good idea to wait on the maintenance of the…
Stucco homes look great.
Home Maintenance

How To Drill Into Stucco

February 21, 2023
In some cases, homeowners like to hang items from the exterior of their homes. Consequently, if you have a stucco exterior there is always a concern of cracking the surface. However, you can drill into…
Self-cleaning your oven can leave you with a spotless brand new looking oven.
Home Maintenance

Can A Self-Cleaning Oven Kill You?

February 6, 2023
When it comes to owning a home, there are a variety of maintenance needs that a homeowner must tend to. In some cases, due to time restraints, a homeowner might take the easiest path to…
Brand New Garbage Disposal.
Home Maintenance

What Can You Put Down A Garbage Disposal?

January 20, 2023
Owning a home can come with many perks and amenities. One of those perks or amenities could be a garbage disposal. Not every home has one and not every homeowner values them. So, if you…

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