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Corrosive (Chinese) Drywall Inspection South Florida

About Corrosive Drywall Inspections

Waypoint Property Inspection has inspected thousands of homes throughout South Florida. Some homes built in 2002-2009 might have corrosive drywall that releases toxins in the air and can damage certain appliances or wiring. Our home inspectors can help you find out if your home has Corrosive Drywall, deliver a report of our findings, and provide recommendations. Learn more below.

Chinese Drywall

Info about Corrosive Drywall

Affected 2001-2009

Chinese drywall was installed around 2005 to make up for the lack of building material in the U.S. due to the hurricanes. Most drywall shipments in the US were to the State of Florida.


Remediation of Chinese drywall can be very extensive and costly. In most cases, a professional contractor is needed to remove all drywall and properly clean all home components to ensure the house is toxic free.


Chinese Drywall emits harmful gases when exposed to the southern climate. The gases can coat other home materials and can quickly cause several serious health effects.

Health Effects

Symptoms depend on level and length of exposure and include: headaches, itching, rash, eye irritation, bloody noses, memory loss, irritability, and more.

How We Test


In most cases, looking at copper components of the home can be an indicator of Corrosive drywall as it causes a black residue. This included but is not limited to copper wiring, copper supply lines, or HVAC equipment.

Visible Swabs

We can swab/sample possible toxic drywall to submit for official lab testing. This process can take a few business days to receive accurate results from the lab.


In some cases, the contaminated drywall can cause the home to give off a rotten egg smell. However, the smell alone cannot be used as an indicator due to other possible causes like well systems.

Next Steps

We can submit a report or action plan for next steps if the inspectors believes there is a concern. Waypoint can also give recommendations for reputable remediation contractors.

Corrosive Drywall Inspection Service Areas

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Best in the business, highly recommend! Robert is great and his team is fantastic.
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Last week, I the good fortune of utilizing Waypoint Inspection and most specifically Robert and Alex for a recent home inspection. Suffice to say Alex and Robert were professional, prompt, thorough and I can’t thank them enough for their expertise in inspecting my soon to be new home, I’m looking to purchase. I can’t recommend Waypoint Inspection and Robert and Alex more highly. I will tell everybody if they need a home inspection go to Waypoint and ask for Robert and Alex. Thank you so much again. Really appreciate your time and expertise. Best, Todd.
Response from the owner: Hello Todd, this review made our day! It’s always great to receive feedback from clients like you. We’re glad that Inspectors Robert and Alex impressed you during the inspection and that you trust us with your business. We pride ourselves on wowing every customer, so it’s nice to hear that we were able to do that for you. Thank you for your recommendation!
The representative and the service was excellent and the report was easy to read
Response from the owner: Thank you, Cheryl, for choosing our service and writing such a positive review. We’re glad to have you as a customer and we’ll do our best to continue delivering the high-quality experience you’ve come to expect.

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